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Definition of contest

1 Meaning of competition

The event is one that consists of a meeting organized and planned in actors, which have a minimum capacity to get raised or objectives determined within an action, function, or task, to undergo a selection made by a jury, by means of an order that covers their abilities and merits demonstrated in a series of testsfor employing a scale that it can rate his performance or evaluate cuantitativa-cualitativa. A contest participants enter in competition for good is one or several prizes that are offered or to be established in any ranking or standing position, which depends on the essence, approach, design or feature of the contest. The contestants may be natural or legal persons, groups, institutions, companies, among others. This kind of events are also known as contests.
A type of event is the opposition, also known as contest opposition, consisting of a procedure of selectivity where several people come to occupy well one or several positions within an organization or company. The opposition consists of a set of tests, which can be language, development of themes, psychometric, simulated practices, etc. This is intended to assess candidates in terms of their ability and fitness, ensuring that throughout the process there are equal. This kind of contests or competitions are made in the public administration of all countries.
Another contest with great relevance for societies is that of beauty, where you take into account the physical beauty of its participants, who added other conditions such as beauty and talent. These competences are made separately, since there are both men and women. The most important events of this type globally are: Miss Universe, Miss world, Miss international, Miss Earth (Earth), and Miss Intercontinental. Modern beauty contests have their origin in the United States, when in 1921 was held the first edition of Miss USA in the city of Atlantic City.

Synonym of contest

Fight, fight, opposition, battle, disputes, competition.

2. Definition of contest

The contest is organized and convened by an entity, a company, a means of communication, among other possibilities, which aims to bring together a number of individuals with specific skills to be presented under the same rules, and must compete among themselves and after the scene of their skills will be evaluated by a jury of experts who will make the corresponding selection of the best presentations.
Turns out to be a regular feature that in any event, since there are infinite possibilities: beauty, dance, lyrics, mathematics, singing, among others, participants, known as contestants, compete for one or several prizes that will be linked to the matter subjected to selection in the contest in question. For example, in a singing contest most often is the winner reward it with a performance at any show or show special or be allowed recording its first album.
Now, not everything is reduced to specific awards, also there are some contests that reward with the possibility of getting a job opportunity or simply a mention of honour for being the best.
Then, as mentioned above, the competitions can involve different areas and involve various actors: individuals, groups, organizations, among others.
If we have to mention some areas, without a doubt, they are fashion and beauty and artistic which most recurrently used this proposal.
In beauty contests is obviously select and choose contestants physical beauty and charisma. For example, if it's women, they often paraded down a catwalk displaying their different outfits with physical attributes, while the jury will qualify based on physical attributes, charisma and elegance and performance in the parade.
In the fields of labour, public administration and academic is common to use the modality of competition when it comes to select qualified personnel to act in a specific charge.
It should be noted that also referred to the contest as competition, being this term one of the most commonly used as a synonym.

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