What is the meaning of Cry? Concept, Definition of Cry

Definition of cry

1 Meaning of cry

1 Sound that is emitted in a very loud voice and in a strong or violent manner: cries of pain.
2 Word or expression that emits loud and very clear, a feeling or a sensation: always called his father shouted.
to cry bare giving voices to speak or say a thing: someone call bare cry.
clamor need one thing with much urgency: the streets begging to remodel.
put the cry in the sky show a person great anger or indignation to a thing.
the latest being one thing very to fashion or may be very new: those shoes are the last word.
m. effect of scream.
Vehement manifestation of a general feeling.
An expression pronounced loudly.
Be a scream. loc. Complain about a relentless pain.
Put the cry in the sky. loc. Fig. and fam.Cry out in a loud voice, complaining vehemently.
sound of the voice issued strongly
We woke up with their cries.
masculine noun
voice, cry, scream, scream.
Snarl is a very strong, of terror, of pain or rage.
«It claims to call one, to express applause and joy; but the clamor indicates danger, unusually request, affliction or misfortune."
José Joaquín de Mora
put the cry in the sky colloquial locution indignant, irritated, angry, rage.

2. Definition of cry

The word cry comes from the verb gritar, and is understood as a type of voice very loud and hard. In theory, any animal with lungs can be capable of performing a cry, but in practice the term applies almost exclusively to human cries.
The screams can be issued for several different reasons, although they almost always have an emotional background. Thus, one of the reasons more common to issue a cry is to vent a negative, such as fear, panic or frustration emotion. Similarly, one can also howl as a result of positive happiness and exaltation emotions. In these cases, the tone of voice and facial expression are the ones who determine if it's a cry with positive or negative background. Sometimes, people also cry during heated arguments, and in political discourse, it is common to hear politicians screaming for awakening a bombarded of loyalty and passion among his supporters.
The cry is an evolutionary mechanism that we have developed to facilitate social relations. For example, when someone gets scared or it will alarm, it is common to drop a shout as an immediate reaction. This aims to two things: frighten potential attackers and alert people who are close. Similarly, when we suffer physical pain also we usually shout instantly, in order to relieve pain and help people who are close. These cries also tend to be accompanied by tears, depending on the severity of the pain.
But the cries not only warn of negative things, but also serve to draw attention and bragging to others of what we have achieved. For example, when he triumphs in something or a difficult obstacle is overcome, it is not common to hear a cry of joy, which serves both to alert the others of our win to relieve the stress that we had prior to the test.

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