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Definition of cycle

1 Meaning of cycle

Cycle is a word of Greek origin. It comes from "Kyklos" which means wheel. The Greek passed into latin as "cyclus", and from there to our language.
As wheel tends to integrate certain compound, as unicycle, tricycle, quadricycle or motorcycle words.
With cycle are designated events that have a start and a development, and at the end of which, once again started, because they resemble a wheel that rotates and again after a time, to its initial position.
There are many phenomena of cyclic, including life itself (life cycle) in nature. It also occurs with the menstrual cycle, the cell cycle, the Moon, or the cycle of water, oxygen, or carbon.
But we can also note the existence of cycles in the field of social sciences, as for example when economic cycles have, where it is held that economic crises are cyclically alternate with periods of boom, or when referring to cinema, or school-wide academic cycles, to refer to each of grades or stages in which is divided (basic cycle educationSuperior cycle).
History also is often repeated in a cyclic way, by which many historians argue that the evolution of mankind is not linear and progressive, but that about every century the adopted model is exhausted, and retake any previous, and so on.
The word is also used to designate an evolution, which has become a repeat but who has already completed, as when it is said "this cycle is concluded".

2. Definition of cycle

The cycle is a term that presents an extended usage in our language and also use to refer to different issues.
One of its most common uses is to indicate that time period to be considered by x situation already completed. My cycle in this company is already finished, now, I need to find other ways.
On the other hand, is called the set of phases, stages, that will pass through a phenomenon with regular features and that happened a certain time, system, either some variables within it, make it to return to the configuration that was cycle.
The word is also used with recurrence to refer to the series of phenomena that tend to recur in organized and orderly way. Let us take an example to make it more understandable, the sexual cycle in women, is one in which the development of the eggs, which are the female cells that allow a woman pregnant is occurs.
Then, during this cycle a number of changes with the ultimate aim of the pregnancy will occur in the female reproductive tract. The beginning of the cycle is associated with menstruation, namely the first day, while the end of the cycle is set in the day before the next menstruation. Usually this cycle is 28 days, which may be more or less, although taken those 28 days as a regular measure.
In the cultural sphere, it is usual that used the word cycle to refer to the series of cultural events which are linked together by a guiding theme. There is a film series at the Center cinema.
In literature we also find a reference to the word given that through it refers to the set of traditions of type epic which are in relation to a period in time, a character or a series of events.
And in educational matters, is designated as a cycle to each part that makes up a study plan.
There are several synonyms that apply in relation to this word, although among the most popular are phase and period.

3 Concept of cycle

Every phenomenon can go through a set of phases, sequence that culminates when one of them that marks the beginning d this phenomenon repeats itself. We call that cycle, Word in the English language has many meanings, according to what he is talking about but that in some way has to do with a repetition or duplication.
In the literary field, it is considered the epanadiplosis (synonym of reissue or cycle), a figure of speech that consists of the repetition at the beginning as at the end of a clause composed of one or more sentences, the same words, regardless of whether they are one or more. On the other hand, also can speak in literature about the epic cycle, of which part a collection of poems whose creation dates back to the ancient Greece archaic. In its content, focuses the epic of the mythology of the Asian continent. While another cycle is the Trojan, which also comes from the archaic Greece but whose poems recount all the events that are part of the Trojan war. These include the Odyssey and the Iliad, whose authorship of both are attributed to Homer.
In biology, is known to the cardiac cycle as the series of events that are related to blood flow started with a heartbeat and that ends or begins with the following. Its duration is considered as the heart rate, which can be expressed in beats per minute, quantity that must be multiplied by 60 if that is measured in seconds.
While the human female sexual cycle (also known as menstrual cycle), is a process where the female gametes called eggs develop to produce a set of changes that point to the possible consolidation of a pregnancy. It starts on the first day of menstruation and ends a day before the next menstruation. In general, you may have a period of 28 days but could be shorter or longer, which varies depending on the organism of each woman.
Synonym of cycle
Period, period, space, period, course, duration, time.

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