What is the meaning of Democratic leadership? Concept, Definition of Democratic leadership

Definition of democratic leadership

1. Concept of democratic leadership

What is a democratic leader

The word democracy derives from the Greek DEMOS: people and KRATOS: Government or authority, means Government or authority of the people. The main objective is to guide the thinking of each of the followers and the group in general. The goals should establish the spirit of the group that promotes the same members, not only to comply with their duties, but to do so beyond what we expected.
From there to define democracy as "the political doctrine supporting the intervention of the people in the Government and also to the improvement of the condition of the people".

That is why the leaders democratic:
• Encourage and help make group decisions in all activities.
• The General steps aimed at a goal and encourage the general realization of the plans.
• Leave the direction of work and the choice of the worker at the discretion of the group.
• It is objective in his praise and criticism and participate in the activities of the group, without making too.
The Democratic leader is one who gives priority to the participation of the community, allows the group to decide policy to follow and make different decisions from what the group thinks. It has a duty to promote the group discussion and thank the different opinions that are generated, when is is in the need of solving a problem, the leader offers different solutions, among which the community must solve what has to be the most appropriate solution.

Advantages and disadvantages:

• More work under the command of a leader facing the mission that a leader who is channeling toward the people is done.
• Motivation and originality are higher under the command of a leader facing the people.
• Mission-oriented leadership may create dissatisfaction among the people and have as a consequence a lower individual creativity.
• Demonstrates more cordiality in the groups oriented towards people.

2 Concept of democratic leadership

Known as democratic leadership, one that is exercised by who or who acts / n as leader/you are, either as a guide (s) of people that do so in participatory way, listening, accepting criticism and responding to them, observing the needs of the group, and not personal interests, are directors but while channelers of concerns, recorded the differences in the composition of the whole, and respect them; they are supportive, credible, motivate, stimulate, and get the follow-up based on confidence in their strengths and capacity to carry out the plans of the group, which are discussed under his leadership, planning, and strategies.
We can find democratic leaders in any group of people, whether study groups, family, work, business, religious, political, etc, as it is also possible to find us with your face against the authoritarian or dictatorial, leading getting through fear, obedience, without accepting reservations or objections to their plans, which can be in favor of the group or not. Decisions are taken in thoughtless way.
The democratic leadership, has as a disadvantage, that the decisions require more time to adopt, as consultation and deliberation; are It may also cause disadvantages facing an opposition minority, which must reconcile; but they have the enormous advantage of achieving sustained in time to own consensus (legitimation) given by his charisma, his good treatment, its capacity for dialogue and the admiration generated. They are dreamers, but not wandering, they projected on solid bases and move to specific targets possible reach, through adequate and flexible planning, with minimum cost and maximum benefit.

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