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Definition of drink

1 Meaning of drink

In this opportunity we will be making reference to a transitive verb which, etymologically speaking, comes from the latin. In particular, drink derived from bibere, which has the same meaning. Itself, is called with this name to that action that entails taking some kind of liquid by mouth, by eating liquid. To illustrate its use in any daily conversation we could say: Welcome to the company, in minutes we initiated the Conference. Would anyone like a drink while we wait?
Of course that the central purpose of drinking lies in quenching the thirst and maintain organic moisturizing. Similarly, in the majority of occasions drinking is linked and is carried out in certain ceremonies that could well be festive or religious. For example, on birthdays or marriages at the tables of the guests it is customary to serve not only what is going to eat, but also what is going to drink. In this sense, the varieties can be many, among which tend to be water, soft drinks, wines, beers and champagne among others.
At the same time, it is important to emphasize that all human beings need fluids, since they are essential to fulfil correctly functions called stained glass. In fact, this is reaporta the fluid that is lost by the physiological action of urine. Of course, that also lost liquids from the body through perspiration and even breathing. Precisely because of all this, the medicinal area specialists recommend that an adult drink two liters of water per day.
On the other hand, while not often used too in informal talks, there is a second meaning for the term that here we have convened. It indicates and refers to know or learn something from a particular source. Graphing would say: on their particular and super way of writing is where he notices that he has drunk much of the classics.
Synonym of drinking
As well, let's see what synonyms has the word out: eat, take, absorb, escanciar is, copear, absorb, swallow, cargo, taste, taste; get drunk, get drunk.

2. Definition of drink

The word drink indicates the action of swallowing a liquid of any kind, from a drink to a remedy which arises in such a State, although, of course, what you usually drink more people are called drinks.
Note that referred to drink the water, which would be somehow the drink more popular and consumed around the world, but we also employ the drink term to refer generically to those drinks that: have alcohol among its components, i.e., alcoholic beverages; sodas, which are characterized by having gas, be flavored from any component like lime, lemon, Orange, among others and because they do not have alcohol, unlike the previous.
In addition, infusions such as coffee, mate and tea, which come from flowers, fruits or dried leaves, we call them drinks.
Humans deploy the action of drinking to quench our thirst mainly, though, we also do it with other objectives, for example to celebrate any situation drink certain drinks that are rightly associated with the celebration, such is the case of champagne, wine, among others.
Meanwhile, drinking cold drinks helps to cool us during the summer season while hot beverages provide us with heat during the winter.
On the other hand, at the behest of religion and the realization of some rites it is usual the action of drinking and some drinks, have a key role.
It is, however, important that let us underline that the water, which as well stated above, is the beverage par excellence, is hyper-necessary for the survival of living things, without it, it would be impossible to survive in this world. Even our body is composed mostly of water, and it turns out to be very important for the proper functioning of our metabolism.
Also, in the colloquial language is usual that we use the word drink to express that someone drunk alcoholic beverages. Laura drinks a lot in social circumstances.
On the other hand, the word drink is used with another totally different from the mentioned sense, in some parts of Spanish-speaking, to express the actions of information or in the absence of reception of ideas and opinions. John is drunk several morning publications to make his opinion column.

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