What is the meaning of Ecological park? Concept, Definition of Ecological park

Definition of ecological park

1. Concept of ecological park

A park (French parc) is an area located in the interior of a population that is intended for lawns, gardens and trees serving as a place of leisure and recreation for the citizens.
Whether it's a long stretch of natural terrain and protected by the State, are talking about a natural park or a national park.
Referred to as parks also a private or protected, in different ways, where recreational activities are held. They are distinguished:
• Water Park;
• Park attractions or amusement, from these we find a theme park or water park;
• Theme park;
• Zoo;
• National Park;
• Children's playground;
• Park for babies;
• Urban Park.
Parks that were maintained in ancient times privately for the enjoyment of their owners are currently open to the public, such as the gardens of Versailles, gardens of the Retiro in Madrid or the old parks in Hunt of nobles and Kings, such as the forest of Fontainebleau.
Many country houses in Great Britain and Ireland still have parks of this kind, which since the 18th century have often been landscaped for aesthetic. They are usually a mix of grasslands with scattered trees and wooded areas and tend to be delimited by high fences. The area immediately to the House is the garden and, in some cases, this also features grasslands and scattered trees, however what difference basically in a cottage garden is that the Park is inhabited by animals, while they are excluded from the garden.

2. Definition of ecological park

The parks are public green areas. It's areas generally having abundance of trees and plants, grass and various facilities (such as benches, playgrounds, fountains and other equipment) that allow to enjoy the Leisure and rest.
Ecological, for its part, is an adjective that refers to what is linked to the ecology. This latter term (ecology), in its broadest sense, mentions the interactions that maintain living beings to the environment.
These definitions allow us to understand the idea of ecological park, a territory characterized by the special care that receive the species that inhabit it. Typically, that the management of these spaces is in charge of the State.
An ecological park aims to protect the ecosystem in which develops, although these regions also serve as recreation and allow to the public about the nature of a particular place.
Thanks to the intense care authorities develop ecological parks, protected areas enable to develop research and scientific studies. An ecological park, therefore, helps to generate valuable knowledge about animals, plants and the rest of the members of the ecosystem in question.
Depending on formal characteristics, an ecological park can be classified in different ways and receive different names. Within the Group of protected areas, it is possible to speak of National Park and ecological reserve, for example. The specificity of each name depends on the regulations provided for by the country in question.

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