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Definition of equality

1 Meaning of equality

Equality is a very important and very considerable use in Spanish, since it could be the similarity of two parts or of one thing with another from many forms of sight, whether they are characteristics, quantity, quality, nature or composition, among others. On the other hand, when we talk about mathematics, equality could be expressed with this sign: =. In the field of interpersonal relations, equality could be seen as that all social groups are treated in the same way without distinction of gender, social class, culture, country of origin, skin color, sexual preference, among others.
This is very important for all the companies, since the ideal is that all human beings of the world live in conditions of equality. But rather, it passes the opposite since what happens in the majority of Nations is a situation of social inequality. And when in the treatment to all the people that make up a society is not the same, you could speak of social discrimination. In fact, inequality is not anything else but a main point of the study of sociology.
Another term that exists around the word equality is equality before the law, which seeks that all individuals are considered in the same way by the laws, which empowers a democratic system where there are no privileges of any kind, as well as titles of nobility, among others. Therefore, these precepts do not fit with forms of social domination such as slavery, colonization and serfdom. Many countries make this principle through articles enshrined in their constitutions. For example: in Argentina, recognized this in article 16 of the Constitution of this country, stressing that equality is taken into account at the time of raising taxes or public charges.
And finally, we should talk about equality of opportunities, something that is related to social justice, when in a system that could be considered fair, all men and women have the same possibility of reaching a social welfare state.
Synonym for equality
Conformity, equivalence, correspondence, parity, equality, parallelism.

2. Definition of equality

Equality is the identical treatment of a body, State, company, Association, group or person provides to people without mediate any type of objection by race, sex, social class or other plausible circumstance of difference or to make it more practical, is the absence of any kind of discrimination.
That in terms of the explanation of what the term means equality, meanwhile, as problematic, equality dates back to time immemorial... almost I risk to say that "since the world is world and man is man" has always been a subject of recurrent struggle throughout the world. While in the century XVIII, on the occasion of the Universal Declaration of human rights, the situation of inequality prevailing in the world managed to be settled somehow, unfortunately, it could not be eradicated or overcome at all, since even today, in the 21st century, it is still common to hear of cases of discrimination and recurrent. Without going any further, since emerged the possibility that Democrat leader Barack Obama occupies the Presidency of the United States, one of the most powerful countries of the world but also one of the most observed and suffered inequality and discrimination throughout its history, rather than ignore their African American origin, which at this point it should be a natural, from all areas, special emphasis was here more than in other determinants, such as its program of Government.
Identical consideration fit for Nations such as South Africa, where the majority of the population is of local ethnic origin, while a minority of Caucasian origin governed the country in despotic form and with a pointed lack of equality. It is worth noting that one of the victims of this was power, such as Nelson Mandela, who succeeded with his task give ground with this asymmetry to begin the path of a more egalitarian country.
But, clearly, equality concerns nor relates only to the issue of race or ethnicity, but that other forms of social inequality that have even managed to be more pronounced. It is recognized among the causes to segregation by sex; It is very common that this bias be warned when looking for a job either time to ask for a promotion, usually, it is unusual that women are behind men in this aspect. The same described for managers, business leaders or oros charges of conducting strategic positions or human groups.
They also tend to be cases of inequality in the nationality. This situation generally occurs frequently when a person of latino origin settled in Northern Europe, for example, must not only withstand demeaning jobs, but also in areas such as education since they face barriers in accessing this. This risk occurs also with minorities of different kinds, as it is the case with religious groups, among others.
The lack of equality implies not only a flagrant violation of universally accepted human rights in most cases, they usually represent one of the steps that make little tolerant a society or even little democratic. Anyway, even certain regions of the world with established institutions and ways of life, Republican of long tradition suffer a reduction of social equality in many areas, in relation to the difference between gender, racial groups, races or ethnicities, minorities of different lineage, and even political opponents.
Therefore, equality and democracy are concepts that seem to machar accompanied and perhaps the level of equal opportunities in a society is a faithful equivalent of the real democratic experience in the framework of this group of people.

3 Concept of equality

Equality is a comparative and relative concept. When we speak of something is the same is with respect to another thing, to which equivalent is in its essence, quantity and quality. Exact equality occurs in mathematics, when two mathematical objects have the same value. For example, two is equal to one plus one.
The rest of the objects may be very similar, but nature does not provide exactly identical elements. Two blocks away, two dogs, two cats or two stones, can be very similar but some detail will allow them to differentiate themselves. In the case of money, two coins or bills, despite having different aspects, if they have the same value are considered equivalent, interchangeable or fungible things.
Social equality means to assign to each individual of the human species the same value within society, recognizing their physical differences and spiritual, avoiding any kind of discrimination. Before the French Revolution human societies were hierarchical, legally recognizing the existence of privileges to certain social sectors such as the nobility and the clergy. Equality, liberty and fraternity were the ideals that drove the fight of the French revolutionaries.
Equality before the law means that legal provisions are General and apply to all sectors of society, without distinction, and in case of being subjected to trial all persons apply them the same procedural rules, and all have the guarantee of defence at trial.
Equality of opportunity means giving benefits to certain members of the community, to balance the adverse circumstances that presents its own particular social reality. For example, is necessary to the existence of a free and public school, quality education, and scholarships to the most humble, so everyone has the chance to move up the social ladder, situation that would be prohibited for some, if not help them be economically to be able to attend the school. It is in this case correct the social iniquities, granting benefits to some, to equal conditions to the others.
Fiscal equality is also based as in the previous case to establish differences between the contributors according to their ability to contribute. Who earns more or more has have an equity sharing, it should pay more, so that the State allocate those resources to create equal opportunities.
Equality of suffrage, means that in democracy a citizen vote has the same value as the vote of others. Each has one vote.

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