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1. Synonyms Exit

Once again meets us on this site an intransitive verb that has many and varied meanings. Before moving on to explain it and to give with their respective examples, we will say that it is a term that comes from the latin salire, which meant sprout. As well, Word that summons us this time is none other than exit. According to conventional Manual Sopeña encyclopedic dictionary is defined as: pass of the part from the inside to the outside, from the inside to the outside. Graphing could say: I'll go to the balcony to smoke a cigarette.
But as we said earlier, this word has several meanings more. One of them says: starting, going from one place to another. In this case ejemplificaríamos this way: just came out the micro ranging from Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata. For its part, also this word is commonly used to finish one thing right or wrong. To plot this use, could well exemplify: ultimately, the operation ended up coming out better than we expected. On the other hand, it is common to hear this term in reference to someone who appears publicly. For example, in the News says: President of Uruguay came out to give their opinion with regard to the Botnia plant.
But there are the meanings and usages of the word out, we still are others that review. It is common that it is also to link with romantic relationships. In this sense it could illustrate two modes. One: Yes, the largest of my daughters already makes a good time going out with her boyfriend. Two: Do you want to go out with me and try to maintain a serious and formal relationship? In another order, in addition he used to escape or escape from any situation. For this occasion we would say: I'll never leave malaria economic if not change work.
At the same time, especially young people often use this verb related to fun and recreation, rather than nothing night. An example: where do we leave on Saturday night, a pub or a nightclub?

Synonym of exit

Always taking into account the context and the use that is made of this word, we can resort to the following synonyms: emerge, sprout, arise, March, away, flee, escape, birth, look, manifest, emerge, flow, overflow, lead, originate, proceed and shout, among others.
Synonym of output obtained in: synonym of exit

2. Definition of exit

The word is a term that we use extensively in our language and which gives several references.
When someone goes from an interior space to one outside be spoken in terms of output. I have to go out and really it is too cold in the street.
On the other hand, when something is dislocated from the place which was express it with the word exit. I just leave a nail by the enormous force that I did by lifting the Chair.
Also when people start from one geographical location to another we say we left. Thus: John has to start from tomorrow last to London for work.
Another use that is recursively in the current language is to indicate walk, distraction, entertainment. Yesterday I went out to dinner and dancing with my friends and had great.
But we also find a use that has both positive as the one just mentioned, because exit can be expressed to have been got rid of a dangerous situation. I had to get out of the embarrassing situation with my ex, telling him that Laura, my company was only a work colleague.
In terms of relationships, the word out is used to indicate that he remains a love relationship with this or that. I started dating the cousin of Laura.
On the other hand, we use the term to express that an individual looks, resembles quite another. There is no doubt that Juan came out to his mother, has the same nose.
And other common uses we attach it to the term are: when a liquid exceeds the limits of its containment (I got all the sweet bottle); the mouth that has something (you can exit at the other street); When a thing is done well (drawings on canvas what leaves you better); When a situation ends well or failing badly (my grandfather went well operation); When we want to find the value that presents something (that Jacket comes out a lot of money, I can not afford it).
Among the synonyms of the word which are many stands no doubt the coming and the word that opposes is the come.

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