What is the meaning of Aptitude? Concept, Definition of Aptitude

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1. Concept of aptitude

Aptitude or "Faculty" (from the latin, aptus = able to), in psychology, is any psychological feature which allows to predict inter-individual differences in future learning situations. Character or set of conditions that make a person particularly suited for a particular function.
While in common parlance fitness only refers to the ability of a person to perform a task properly, in psychology encompasses cognitive capacities and processes both emotional and personality characteristics. It should be noted also that fitness is closely related with the intelligence and skills both innate and acquired fruit of a learning process.

2. Definition of Aptitude

Aptitude means the possession of potentialities, allowing to develop, reach the full deployment of capabilities. Each person has skills or differential capacities for carrying out tasks that make it distinct from the others, and more suited to certain activities than others. So we talked about that John is more apt for intellectual tasks, or that Pedro is suitable for sports, that Maria has great fitness manual, or that Lucas has a great aptitude for the arts. Inter-individual differences is the real wealth of human diversity, complementing each other.
Not only we can speak of fitness with reference to mankind, because that refers to fitness for certain crops or grazing land for livestock, or fitness of an animal of being guardian or serve as a company.
Intelligence as the ability to solve problems of everyday life, and the current theory of multiple intelligences, is closely related to the concept of fitness. So we talked about emotional intelligence, musical intelligence, social intelligence, etc, almost as a synonym of skills.
These skills are innate, but can improve or maintain as potential, under the influence of the environment. A person with little innate aptitude for sport practice can improve your condition, and become more fit, and contrary a born athlete, can not develop their fitness, if he does not practice any sport.
The existence of test skills allow you to recognize what are the strengths and weaknesses of a person in order to develop their skills and improve their weaknesses.
Certificates of fitness issued by competent authority attest that a person has the capacity required for the performance of certain jobs or positions.

3. Definition of Aptitude

Aptitude, derived from the latin "Aptus", refers to the capacity development of a person in a particular matter. You may ask that difference has this word with attitude? because it is very simple, the attitude is based on General, deeply rooted principles of culture and personal nature of each who to deal with every situation in life in general, fitness for his part concentrated these capabilities and develops according to the field of choice. Fitness is conceptualized according to the tastes and interests of the people, in general, people develop skills according to education that corresponds to them receive, but there are empirical cases where fitness is related to something new for led life style.
An example, in my case, my skills are writing and searching for information, since I love reading and writing, at the same time that I am informed of matters which I like more, technology, film, politics, among others. But the skills of my brother will be that it decides according to the relationship to have with sports that practice, in this case is fencing. Specific issues are that define the skills of people.
There are cases in which fitness in people is hereditary in nature, the reasons are uncertain, although it is known that they are biologically in the genes of each one, remembering that we are multicellular organisms with a cell nucleus highly protected that important genetic information is protected, we can say that fitness is not only hereditary biological questionsbut also cultural and empirically. The development of an optimal learning defines distinguished intelligences, so people give account of how easy that is for them to perform a task and others receive not, perform this action more frequently creating new skills. Psychology shows skills as tools for overcoming personal and internal conflicts existing footprint in the attitudes of people, so you assume a new resurgence of the previous figures, moreover, are based on people characters and security which allows them a better development in society.

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