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Defining Gateway

1. Meaning Gateway

Gateway is a concept that comes from the Latin passerella. The term referred to a lift or an elongated passable fulfills different functions depending on the context.
The gateway can be a kind of stage, the design allows the models to be displayed clothes walk before the public eye. In this sense, the gateway is a walkway that models walking back and forth, showing his shoes, pants, hats, etc..
For example: "The Venezuelan model dazzled on the catwalk of Paris", "The attendees were treated to the couture dresses that were on the catwalk "," The parade filled the catwalk in lingerie young managed to raise the temperature. "
gateways can also be bridges of small size or installed temporarily. In this sense, may be appointed to the Charterhouse gateway (found in the Spanish city of Seville and crosses the river Guadalquivir) and Simone de Beauvoir Footbridge (located in the French capital, Paris, to cross the Seine) .
Vessels, meanwhile, may have walkways in front of the fireplace (in the case of a steamer). It is known as a gateway, on the other hand, the mobile structure that is located in an area of the airport to which passengers can enter a plane.
To access an aircraft, therefore, be directed towards people boarding sector the airport and use the platform. Thus, they will have access to the interior of the aircraft.

2. Defining Gateway

The access gateway aircraft is a moving walkway, usually covered, stretching from the gate of an airport terminal (in aircraft parking position contact) to the door of an aircraft, allowing access without need to descend to the airport apron. It should be mentioned that the word finger is of English origin but is not used in this sense in English but speaking of jet bridge or jetway. Before the introduction of the runways was normal for the aircraft passengers embark on walking on the platform and then up by an escalator (aircraft parking position remote) This shipping method is still used in many airports around the world, especially those with little traffic airport with favorable weather conditions.
gateways require a higher initial investment compared to assisting aircraft by auxiliary vehicles, but in the long term are more profitable, and are less sensitive to strikes or adverse weather conditions. The gateways can be fixed or telescopic, the latter being more versatile since they can accommodate more aircraft types and do not require an approach to the runway very accurate but its installation and maintenance cost is increased. Generally installing a fixed shipping prepasarela below which can be located for service roads vehicle traffic auxiliary terminal.
's first gateway to access U.S. aircraft was inducted into the San Francisco International Airport in July 1959.
In fashion runway means a narrow corridor and a little high, for the parade of artists, models, clothing, etc., so they can be referred to in passing. The term probably derives from the catwalk tickets or elevated corridors that connect adjacent buildings (narrow platforms, usually high) [citation needed].
In Spain, in 2009, the two main events of parades held in Barcelona (Gaudí Catwalk) and Madrid (Cibeles), has changed its name to the English translation: Barcelona Fashion Week and Cibeles Fashion Week Madrid and Barcelona.

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