What is the meaning of Dapper? Concept, Definition of Dapper

Definition of Dapper

1. Definition of Dapper

The handsome term is an adjective qualifying type which has the function of point pleasant physical characteristics of a person, especially a man. The term is common and is an elegant way of saying that a man can be attractive and eye-catching according to their physical characteristics.
Mention handsome term is is referring to a certain type of physical characteristics that make a man more beautiful or more appealing than others. In this sense it is important to mark that if beauty changes from culture to culture and even of what a person can be considered beautiful to what another can do so, the term "apueto" is commonly used in Western culture to relatively mature men who have certain physical characteristics such as a fit body, a face, expressive and attractive and above all a certain attitude that differs to that man for the rest.
A good looking man also tends to be considered as well when is a smart man who knows how to dress and what to use to draw the attention of the public, as well as that also know how to comb and how to fix it for others. In many cases it can happen that a man is attractive but not good looking since it does not fall within this rule for dressing informally, by having a more confrontational or child attitude, etc.
For today's society, the handsome male model tends to be taken, in the same way that goes with the women of the Gallants of movies and series that are often displayed as men mature, elegant and neat from the public in their own films or series, as well as deliveries of awards and galas.
There will then be more specific details about the physical that will interest or not according to the particular taste of each, for example if you have or not clear eyes, whether it is blonde or too dark, if you have hair long or short, if you have a beard or not, etc. To all this we must add the attitude that whenever it is appropriate, elegant and respectful add more to make man a man handsome and desired by the public.

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