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Definition of grass

1 Meaning of grass

In agriculture, grass is any edible vegetable-based employee specifically in nutrition of livestock, such as cows, sheep or pigs.
Grass by definition is of vegetable origin, even though the product ingested by animals can be a processed derivative to which have been added minerals or animal remains. To emphasize the nutritional quality of the grass seeks a nature compensated between legumes and grasses, so there is protein complementation.
The human being has changed the ecology of diverse ecosystems to generate suitable for ranching pastures, the practice of selective grazing being particularly relevant to emphasize the growth of more nutritious plant species.

2. Definition of grass

With a history in the Latin language (pastus), grass is the general name given to several herbs. Grass is a plant that grows in the soil of the fields and food that is intended for the feeding of the animals.
Livestock, therefore has his livelihood in the grass. This feed allows you to nourish livestock simple and economic way: sheep, goats, cows and other animals can graze (eating grass), freely or under the tutelage of a pastor. Corn, soybeans, alfalfa and oats are some of the plants which develop, create grass.
Grass can also be a synonym for turf, the generic name receiving those herbaceous plants that are grown for decorative purposes ground cover or for sporting activity.
In private homes, it is usual that there is grass in the garden or in other external environments. The grass is also located in squares and public parks. For example: "Tomorrow I will cut the grass", "If you're going to sit on the grass, get a canvas so not you make a mess of clothes", "the guard told me that it is forbidden to walk on the grass".
Football, hockey, golf and tennis are some of the sports that can be done on the grass: "Providence Athletic Club Court has too long grass", "Guillermo Vilas was a tennis player who hated to play on grass", "When you paste it to the ball, is not raising grass".

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