What is the meaning of Heavy? Concept, Definition of Heavy

1. Heavy synonyms

In the Spanish language, the heavy Word can have different meanings and with it you can refer to a multitude of things. When an object is very difficult to move from its weight, it is heavy. If you speak something that requires a lot of sacrifice, effort and willingness to undertake, we can say something heavy or that it has become heavy. To sleep, many people have dreams and some of them can be very deep and them, it is not easy to wake up, so it can be said that it had a heavy sleep. Moving a person can become heavy if it moves with tranquility or parsimony. If you are watching a movie or any situation that can be annoying, boring, annoying, or tedious, it can be said that it was very heavy or heavy. If a person fell into a joke made by someone else and feel very offended by this, can you tell that he made a very practical joke. If an individual feels fatigue, discomfort, or fatigue, you can say that you have or feel the heavy body. A food that could not fall well could be considered heavy. If the weather becomes hot and humid, then I could see this as a heavy climate. And if a person is not supported by those who surround it since its presence is troublesome for others or becomes annoying, maybe aggressive, she is seen in the environment such as a heavy.
From the point of view of the weight of an object, although could be the verb in heavy Word infinitive, which can be conjugated according to the action of the subject and the time in which it is found. At present, the conjugation of the verb though would be thus: I weight mandarins and tell you how much costs your order. You weigh that ham and we will see how much money can be drawn per kilo. He weighs safe and we'll see if we have it in the trunk of our car. We weigh the bulk of grapes to know few pounds we have in our inventory.
Synonym of heavy
Tired, all the same, soporific, gross, annoying, annoying.

2. Definition of heavy

We use the word heavy to express when someone or something weigh much, i.e. they have considerable pounds making it really difficult to get the part or the person in question. It will be a person of thin texture, which does not have training and force extremely difficult to lift a weight of 25 kilos.
It should be noted that while the newly mentioned sense is one of the most widespread, also the word is used a lot in other contexts to indicate different situations and issues.
In the field of decoration is often speak of heavy atmosphere when it is decorated too, i.e. it presents an enormous amount of ornaments and things that do not allow to be differentiated.
Meanwhile, when it comes to sleep it is frequent that we find the expression of heavy sleep to express that a person has a really deep sleep that causes that do not you wake up easily before the succession of sounds.
On the other hand, when an action, one activity, among other things, we are boring and very annoying tend to speak of them in terms of heavy. This report, which I have to submit to month is so heavy that I can not give you a close.
Food, we also tend to use the word when it comes to those foods or ingredients that are characterized by being so strong or full of saturated fats which end up dropping us badly in the body.
Also when a part that makes up our body is tired we tend to say that it is tired. I have hand heavy have both written.
Meanwhile, there are many synonyms that you can apply to this word, though, that we employ more, depending on the senses above mentioned are: boring and fat. Meanwhile, their opposites are: lightweight and thin. The first just allows us to indicate that something has little weight and by case is very light and thin means that or that thin and skinny.
And on the other hand, heavy weight turns out to be a category of boxing that brings together the boxers showing a remarkable weight.

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