What is the meaning of Hobby? Concept, Definition of Hobby

Definition of Hobby

1. Meaning of Hobby

A hobby is that entertainment or game played, plays and implemented in order to hang out and have fun.
For example, playing cards, puzzles, solve the puzzle on a magazine or newspaper, among others.
The pastime involves performing an activity, such as these, whose value lies especially in entertainment that gives the person who performed and generally do not lead to anything productive searches, but rather the opposite, spending fun time without dwelling on those everyday issues that concern ordinary people: money, work, health, among others.
Meanwhile, when a hobby is performed on a regular and systematic happens to become a hobby or hobby.
Much of newspapers and magazines offer a section exclusively for various hobbies offer its readers, the most recurrent are the following: crosswords (is writing a series of words template vertical and horizontal cross each other), self-defined (a template is filled with words crossed from definitions given) troubleshooting (is to find the differences between two graphs are a priori that look similar but are not if you look with carefully, as they have subtle differences), crosswords (you must place a series of words in a locker in horizontal and vertical positions, which intersect at certain points), checkerboard (an appointment must be extracted using letters of words the participant must guess), hieroglyph (will have to find a word or phrase from a series of data, such as signs and images), logic puzzle (is to find the solution to a puzzle or a problem only through the intuition and reasoning), puzzles (which will form a figure through the flat parts and are in different pieces) and alphabet soup. (a geometric shape is filled with letters and apparently meaningless, having that link and finding the same meaning).

2. Definition of Hobby

Known as a pastime activity a person performs to stay entertained for a while. Thus, the pastime used to combat boredom and to keep your mind focused on something pleasant.
For example: "Playing tennis is my favorite pastime", "When I was little, I started collecting stamps as a hobby and still keep the hobby "," There is no more rewarding pastime than reading a good book. "
There are hobbies that are ephemeral or develop sporadically, without much consistency. Put together a puzzle, a crossword puzzle, playing with a console or doing crosswords as a hobby can become very effective.
If a person makes a hobby and it often becomes a habit, it will be said that the individual in question has a hobby. Suppose a young man collects bottles and cans of beer every week, meeting with other collectors to exchange material and also when you have the chance, attend conferences and events for collectors. In this case, the hobby may be considered as a hobby.
similar thing happens with anyone who plays golf three times a week. The practice of this sport can be considered as a hobby because it gives the player a fun time, but also a hobby since the subject organizes your everyday life to make room for the activity.
's hobbies are healthy and contribute to minimize stress. The entertainment that allows the person to provide "clean" your mind and not only focused on the obligations.

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