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In most maritime countries, merchant is a fleet of ships used for trade comprising the military Navy in the event of a national catastrophe. These fleets can be divided into different categories according to their purpose or size:
• Cargo ships mainly dry container.
• Specialized ships, for example, for very heavy loads, freezers, for the transport of vehicles or special machinery.
• Coastal, smaller boats for any category of cargo that normally do not make transoceanic routes but transport along the coasts.
• Cruises.
• Ferry, the most a combination of load of passengers and cars, which are normally used for regular routes between two ports.
• Tanks for the transport of liquids, such as crude oil, petroleum, gas and chemical products. Also vegetable oils, wine and other foods - tanks sector comprises one-third of the world tonnage.
The Navy or Navy is armed service in charge of the defense of a country by sea or land. This operates with destroyers, corvettes, frigates and ships Marshal, tugs, amphibious assault ships and some aircraft carriers and submarines. In addition possess a naval aviation, a force of Marines used for amphibious operations, media communications, training, etc., added this to all its personnel, both military as a civilian.

2. Definition of Marine

The concept of marina can refer to various issues. On the one hand, is that belonging or pertaining to the sea. It also refers to the profession of teaching to navigate, the man who is exercised in the nautical and all the vessels of a nation.
Navy war or Navy is the service that is responsible for the defense of a country by sea. It consists of frigates, corvettes, aircraft carriers and other vessels, in addition to military and civilian personnel and armament.
The Merchant Navy, on the other hand, is a fleet of ships used to carry out commercial activities.
Marina is also a female name and the name of several places that are located in different parts of the world. In Valencia, Alicante, are the districts of Marina Alta and Marina Baja.
The Navy (in Elche), Marina de Cudeyo (in Cantabria) and Sierra de la Marina (in Catalonia) are other sites in Spain. Marina del Rey (California, United States) and Marina (split-Dalmatia County, in Croatia) complete the list of geographical places with this name.
The term marine is also used in various aspects of art and culture. Marina is the pictorial genre that includes portraits associated with the sea. "Marina" is a novel by the Spanish writer Carlos Ruiz Zafón and an opera by the composer Emilio Arrieta.
"Marina", finally, is a SOAP Opera from producer Telemundo which aired in 2006 and starred by Sandra Echeverría and Manolo Cardona.

3. Definition of Marine

Traditionally, is designated with the term of Navy with the armed service responsible for the defense of a country by sea. To carry out is so important and vital task as it is the fact of safeguarding the integrity of a nation and its people to those external threats, the Navy will use various instruments and tools for concrete such as: corvettes, Destroyers, frigates, ships Marshal, ships amphibious assault, aircraft, tugs, services and media communications, training and training schoolsalready effective staff for both those who want to join the force to be part of it, among others.
While it would seem very simple and normal that all countries have their own Navy, the reality is that this does not happen in all Nations, because the Organization and maintenance of a force of this kind will require not only a strong amount of economic resources which are only for his performance, but also because it will need a series of instruments and specific facilities to operateincluding ports, facilities repairs and specialized personnel. Why is that despite having rivers, coasts and Lakes suitable for navigation, not all countries can form a force of this kind.
As is the case with other military forces, the Navy has well differentiated grades of those who compose it, being that they will adapt to the character of the naval units. The units command larger or more important will be always at the General officers such as the Momonga, admirals and Vice admirals.
As I mentioned, then, the personnel of this force be differentiated by the military-grade who has. In most of the world students are called Midshipmen or cadets, completed the five years amounted to lieutenants of frigate and so will go in a growing ascendant career to achieve the maximum charge of Admiral.
On the other hand, the Navy term is usually used in another concept which is linked with the more generic we have given Navy. For example, in those countries in maritime tradition, merchant is that fleet of ships used for trade and that sometimes complements to the Navy. The above-mentioned fleets, according to its size and purpose, are divided into: dry cargo (container), tanks for transportation of liquid, such as oil, liquefied gas ships specialized for very heavy loads, such as special machinery, coastal ferry, carrying a mix of cars and passengers and cruise ships.
And also, the Navy term tends to be used to designate that place on the coast or on the banks of a river, especially built for the mooring of boats or recreation.
Marina, in addition, can refer to the name given to a person.

4 Concept of Marine

The Navy word comes from the latin marīnus, and is defined as the set of boats, ships, cruisers or yachts intended for some specific use. Depending on its purpose, the Navy may have different names.
For example, in countries that have armed forces, called Navy Division responsible for defending the country by the sea. This marina is composed of ships of assault, Destroyers, submarines and, in some cases, aircraft carriers. The latter, however, are very difficult to afford both economically and technically, so only ten Nations in the world have the potential to keep them. Some marinas also have the so-called amphibious forces, allowing carry hundreds or thousands of troops with everything you need for the war (supplies, weapons and even tanks) and disembark them even in places where there is a pier. The amphibious forces are also quite complex and expensive, so only a handful of Nations in the world are able to maintain them.
Another type of marina is the Merchant Navy, composed of all kinds of vessels engaged in importing and exporting goods. Among the types of ships that are found here are those designed for heavy loads, for transporting chemical derivatives or even to transport other boats. The Jorge V King of England was who first coined the term to recognize the ships which served in the first world war. Since then, virtually all countries adopted the term.
In addition to the two navies already mentioned, there is also the so-called yacht marina, which is a specially designed and equipped for recreational boats and yachts. Marine yachts have facilities for maintenance, cleaning and repair of units, in addition to the sale of supplies.
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