What is the meaning of Narrative paragraph? Concept, Definition of Narrative paragraph

Definition of narrative paragraph

1 Meaning of narrative paragraph

A narrative paragraph tells something. The characteristic is, that they will tell us about events that together make up an event or a series of events.
See this short narrative example
Example of narrative paragraph
The girl opened the door and saw his grandmother ordered the showcase of the receiver. They kissed and Loli went up to his room and the old woman continued with its task.
Then was heard above music. The girl had probably connected the radio.
Suddenly, the phone rang. Loli ran the stairs down, but her grandmother arrived before and picked up the handset.

2. Definition of narrative paragraph

A text is usually divided into several paragraphs, which are fragments delimited by a capital letter at the beginning and a point and apart at the end. Within paragraphs, it is possible to find different prayers.
Narrative, on the other hand, is an adjective that comes from the latin narratīvus, and which is linked to the narration. This Word can refer to a genre of literature (formed by the short stories and novels) and tell the result of telling (about something).
A narrative paragraph, therefore, is one who has a situation. Classically it is a subsequent enumeration of facts, usually ordered chronologically.
For example:
"When you open the door, Harry found his messy house. The detective was not surprised, since I knew that they had been following him. Therefore, decided to enter in a stealthy manner: wanted to be prevented in case the invader remained there. After touring every corner of the House, confirmed that he was alone. He then took the phone and marked the number of the Mayor. I wanted to make him aware of the situation".
As you can see in the example above, the narrative paragraph tells different events: Harry opens the door, discovers that someone had been in her house, revises environments and finally called by phone to the Mayor.
A narrative paragraph may also be developed in the first person:
"I saw him walking through the Park and I recognized him instantly. First I hesitated, but then I decided and went to deal with it. I touched her shoulder and, when he turned, I looked at him fixed in the eyes, not to mention. Of course, the also recognized me right away. Perhaps why it managed to try to escape, but I managed to hold it. I took it from the arm and took him by force to a secluded area, where could require you to tell me the truth without any witness."

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