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1. Concept of niche in the Wikipedia Encyclopedia

In ecology, a niche is a term describing the relational position of a species or population in an ecosystem. In other words, when we speak of ecological niche, we refer to «occupation», or to the role played by certain individual within a community. It is shared by multiple species habitat. For example, the ecological niche of squirrels is the animals that live in trees and feed on nuts.
The formal concept of niche includes all biotic, abiotic factors and anthropic with which the Agency is associated. It is the relational position of a species or population. Formally, the niche has been described as a hyper-volume of critertia, where each dimension corresponds to the previously mentioned factors. Thus, the niche involves all the resources of the environment, the adaptation of the organism to study and how they relate to these two (level of adaptation, efficiency of consumption, etc.) The ecological niche allows that in a given area live many species, herbivorous, carnivorous or omnivorous, having each of them specialized in a certain plant or prey without being competition among others.
The niche influences in several ways, for example: how a population responds to the abundance of enemies and their resources (for example, growing when resources abound, and a shortage of predators, parasites and pathogens) and how that population affects those same factors (for example, by reducing the abundance of resources by way of consumption and contributing to the growth of the population to fall prey to them).
However, the use of resources is reduced given the existence of other species that use them. Hence, the niche relates to the concept of interspecific competition. I.e., the use of resources by a species, interfere with the niche of other species that use the same resource, which leads to their individual niche overlap.

2. Definition of niche

The term niche presents several references according to employment that is you, meanwhile, the most recurrent and extended to presenting is one that says that a niche is a concavity that will be used to put something in it.
It can be, from a decorative point of view, the opening takes place in a wall either deposit a vase, a statue or any other element that holds an end of this type, either, being that specially shaped concave so that they enter and remain deposited the coffin in a cemetery.
Many family, once their loved ones die decide, instead of burying their physical underground bodies as traditionally has done, placing their remains in coffins and arrange them in mentioned concavities called niches. All the cemeteries have niche sectors.
Another use of the term, totally different from the one mentioned above, is that occurs at the behest of the Marketing. In this context he referred to as niche market to that segment of the market in which individuals present characteristics and homogeneous needs encountered by x not issue understood or fulfilled by the existing offer. Then, in addition to expressing this issue, when there is talk of niche market is being recognized the opportunity that offers the economy to carry out certain activity, whether commercial or productive, with certain chances to succeed, because as we said, the conditions of the market, it realizes the absence of response to the needs of a segment.
As consequence of this issue is that most marketers recommend who just begin with a commercial project or production focus on market niches and not extremely large markets for immediate success in them.
And on the other hand, we have the ecological niche concept, as it referred to the relationship between a species or population within the same ecosystem. Basically, it includes the role of the individual or the group deployed within a particular community; This includes both biotic factors and abiotic stresses encountered in relation to the organism in question.

3. Definition of niche

A niche is a concavity which is used to place something. It may be an opening in a wall to deposit a vase, a statue or other decorative item. It also is the concavity formed to settle the coffins at a cemetery.
For example: "I have to go to renew the niche of the grandfather", "With that lifestyle, it will soon end up in a niche".
For marketing, a niche market is a market segment in which individuals have characteristics and homogeneous needs that are not being met by supply. Talk about a niche market, therefore, is to talk about an opportunity that provides economics to develop some commercial or productive activity with high chances of success in the market conditions.
A niche market, in particular, is a fraction of a segment of the market. If Internet is a segment of the market of technology, blogs and social networks, for example, are market niches.
The niche market recognizes the segmentation to a business opportunity, which arose from unmet needs. Why experts often recommend focus on market niches and not in a too-broad market to succeed, at least in the first stage of a company.
An ecological niche is, on the other hand, the relationship between a species or a population in an ecosystem. It is the function that meets the individual or group within a particular community. The ecological niche includes the biotic and abiotic factors that come in relation to the body.

4. Definition of niche

A niche in the market is a term of the marketing associated with the behavior of supply and demand. Generically, niche defines a space not understood, a gap in the system that is applied in a correspondence with a consistency that should not be interrupted. The discovery of a niche in the market is an opportunity for new products to compete, as it represents a niche online customer satisfaction. A niche is a chance for the same company or other participants in the competition to join the marketing techniques. It is a term applied frequently, because by definition customer pursues what is new, then the demand for new products and new trends in the services provided by a company will be constant.
The customer will always require a quality good prices and availability, is why that niche will get increasingly bigger as there is no production of a new product that covers it, it is imperative for marketing to keep evaluated the presence of niches in the marketing order so to focus on innovative ideas in those gapscreativity and the public consultation play an important role in the sector, because this helps to know that the consumer wants and that you can give to exceed your expectations, thus achieving a favorable loyalty.
Niches arise in various forms, the most common of them is non-conformity with the sector or the offered product, if not the like product to the consumer it will not acquire it generating an array of negative opinion in the community and as surely it will not be a single consumer to which no product like it will require the creation of a new product that meet the demand of those who do not feel at ease with availability. It is important to stress the importance of the niche as an indicator for the market necessary to determine which are more generic and complete customer requirements, this is a benefit for both the community and the company.

5 Niche concept

The word niche refers a hole or cavity in a wall where it is placed somewhat. Often it presents semi-cylindrical shape and ends in a quarter sphere. The purposes of use are different, can be placed there a vase or statue to beautify the environment, for example. In cemeteries or Crypts he used for the rest of the mortuary remains.
With the expression market niche is designated a small sector of consumers, with economic capacity, common needs still unmet by existing offerings and clearly differentiated. Discover these niches, and respond to their requirements, are real opportunities for entrepreneurs.
Features meeting that allows a body to exist within a community and related it is known as ecological niche. The ideal niche would be comprised of the biotic and abiotic factors where the individual could develop in favourable environmental conditions, without enemies or obstacles. The real niche presents certain resources and some favorable environmental factors and other adverse, with competitors and predators. The ecological niche is integrated with environmental factors (temperature, humidity, wind) form as it uses its resources and relates to this subject with their environment.
Habitat is the place where the organism lives. Within this habitat the individual relates to other species and receives the conditioning of abiotic factors, and still manages to grow, multiply and serve the remainder of their vital functions. All these influences and interrelationships make up the niche.

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