What is the meaning of Notes? Concept, Definition of Notes

Definition of notes

1 Meaning of notes

Point to the result of the note-taking, that makes a listener in an auditorium, or a student with respect to the exhibition of a professor is called. The notes are widely used in academia for study more easily, because it refers to the essential points developed in a class and exposed by the teacher, but usually serve to who took the point, since only he understands its meaning to the double-check it with what they heard, or other explanations that do not appear in the notes.
It means then, sign or annotate, and classes is recommended to learners collating them with own matter bibliography to supplement them or correct errors that may arise to listen correctly or be alteration between the ear and written, sometimes for reasons of time, and others because difficult words be poorly captured by the human ear.
It is a technique of study requiring active listening to record the relevant data, the main ideas, because as it is not a dictation, there is no time to write everything the speaker says. It is useful to use signs that we can clearly identify, and if we want to share them with other people, who have universal validity, for example, the x stands for q´ means that, etc. Certain careers are repeated much the terms, for example, in political law usually used regularly the status word, then we can by agreement with our peer group, replace it with the letter E. Don't care much the tidiness of the sketch what we want is that understandable.
In drawing notes are called to drafts, strokes, or prior to the model, which serve as a basis and guide for the final design.
Pointer based on a note, reminiscent of the actors in the theater, the lyric of his texts.

2. Definition of notes

In the school or educational field one of the most important and basic elements that any student has to carry out his study are the notes. Notes we understand all those annotations which the person performs the explained or exposed by the teacher in the field of the class, as all those notations or inscriptions that student can perform during the reading of a text or the analysis of a graph, etc. It is important to emphasize that the notes are always very personal because each person has a particular style of taking them.
One of the main features of the notes is that they always involve a selection of content. Thus, notes does not tend to be exact and complete reproduction of everything discussed or mentioned in a class, nor all the information that was obtained from a text, but simply a selection of data and information to the student considers important. This is why the notes tend to be also considered a summary of the most vital, as essential to learn a subject.
In this way, what a person can seem essential it can not fulfill that role another person and there is the not always are useful notes that someone does on a class for the rest of the companions.
To take notes, it is very important to take into account firstly the idea of selection. Thus, you must select and choose things that are considered important for a summary of the foregoing. On the other hand, it is also always advisable to build phrases or simple and brief prayers that mark the exposed main idea and allow the person then easily remember what worked. Note it is also good to make designs, copies or reproductions of drawings or images, highlight with colors or different formats words and important concepts, make boxes, elaborate summary tables that link phrases or concepts, conceptual networks, etc. All these elements help to summarize in the best way the information following the techniques and strategies that are comfortable are eventually for the student.

3 Concept of notes

The Act and a consequence of aim called aim. The verb aim, for its part, is used to refer to the action of writing or make notes on a certain thing or circumstance; to highlight something in a text to find it more easily and quickly; to add a person in a register or list; to have someone available to participate in actions or practices group; or to dispose of firearms.
The notion of notes, so it can serve to identify the annotations that are written about a certain thing or situation. For example: "you can lend me your notes? I want to know what spoke the teacher in those classes that I missed while I was sick","because I read the book, now I have to study the notes","Wrote so quickly that I do not understand my own handwriting in the notes".
As many of you may know, the notes are frequent in the field of education, especially in University classes. Students take notes of what was said by the teacher by way of summary of each class. Thus, in preparing an exam, they can go to his notes to review the contents.
Journalists also tend to take notes during the interviews or in coverage of a conference press or other type of event. Note, once again, serve as help memory to be able to return to the issue in the future. In certain cases, the notes are a support of the material being logged on another media (recording of audio, film, etc.).
In a play, finally, the notes are expressions of a person (the pointer) whose function is to remind participating artists what they should say onstage.
Take notes or make notes
Knowing how to write notes can be extremely useful in the school period covering the middle and the higher education since one can retain a greater amount of concepts in the notebook of studies, which can subsequently be reinforced effectively.
It should be noted that for this purpose it is essential to the student writes in his notebook, be able to analyze and understand what plasma to grasp the idea of clean when you must resort to it to prepare for a review; It is not enough to write fast, but capturing the important and writing it as synthetically as possible but with effective results.
Some specialists in the study of the learning process, prefer to use the concept of "to do notes" instead of the "taking notes" because they believe that it expresses better the idea resulting from this action. It is not the student write down everything that listens, because it is impossible to implement, but to grasp the fundamental idea and be able to contain the information that the Professor is offering front of the class, so that returning to the notebook to prepare for an exam, taken notes are useful in your notebook.
If we look at the idea of "taking notes" we can understand that it is a passive action, while the "to do notes" we understand that there is a process of development; It indicates that you manipulated the information so that it can be fixed in the notebook.
Finally, it is worth mentioning that there are many tools available to students, which should be selected taking into account the capacity of each to get capture the information in a concise and useful way. For those students who find it easier to retain visual information from elements, for example, is extremely useful to use colors and patterns, to enhance study hours.

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