What is the meaning of Nursery school? Concept, Definition of Nursery school

Definition of nursery school

1 Meaning of nursery school

Nursery school
1. Place intended for the education of young children.
There are a total of twenty-four children in the nursery school.
2 Jesus said is the set of children receiving preschool education.
My children are in the nursery school.
Synonyms: Synonyms of the term nursery school include: Garden of childhood, high school, kindergarten, etc.
1 Jesus said is of a young child.
There are seventeen young children in class.
2. A person who is very innocent and easy to deceive.
You trust people too much, you're a pablum.
3 Said someone humble.
Don't have much money, lives as a pablum.

2. Definition of nursery school

A nursery school is a site which provides him education and care to the children of walking age. The concept comes from something, a term that is used just to name infants.
For example: "Remember you have to seek glory for the nursery school at noon", "my niece works with children aged between three and five years in a nursery school in the neighborhood," "scandal in a nursery school: denounce teacher for abuse".
The notion of nursery school, therefore, lets name institutions offering preschool education and a group of kids who are in age of access to such training. Depending on the country, the nursery school can be considered as a kindergarten or the first stage of formal and systematic education. In any case, the nursery school always welcomes children up to 6 years old, when he began primary education.
In the nursery school, the children receive the necessary stimulation for the development of their cognitive and physical abilities. The learning achieved at this stage will allow you to enter successfully into the compulsory educational system, since there will be managed to enhance their skills. The nursery school also contributes to the socialization of children and gives them resources to start, little by little, to act with autonomy.
It is usual that the kindergarten teachers appeal to games and songs to bring content to the children and to entertain them. Through leisure activities, finding the children manage to learn different concepts and develop their language.

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