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1. Concept of Online in the Wikipedia Encyclopedia

Online (online) refers to a State of connectivity, front the term offline (offline) that indicates a State of disconnection. There are some more specific meanings:
• In a system for the execution of a task is in particular said that an element of the system is on line if you are operating.
In telecommunication, the term has other very specific meaning. A device associated to a system is online if you are under the direct control of the same, that is, if it is available for immediate use by the system without human intervention, but who can not operate independently of the system.

2. Synonyms Online

On this occasion the term that brings us together on the site, we could say that it is quite modern. Or is it has arisen and it was generated in the course of the last few years. The word that will give life to the article in question is none other than Online. Of course, that if we are to its meaning in English, we find that it means in line. Today, its use is closely related to the field of computer science. It is used to refer to someone who is making use of the network (i.e. Internet), either to mention something which is connected.
Moreover, if we approach it from a more technical angle, we should emphasize the world of telecommunications. In this sense, the word which summons us passes to having a specific meaning. Namely, a device, just online, would be which is associated to one greater system and under his direct control. It follows then, that if it is available for immediate use by the system, it does not require the intervention of man. Also, it does not have the ability to operate independently of such a system.
On the other hand, it is common to hear someone say that information can be found online, which means that it will be available via the Internet. For graph use in this sense, we could go to the following examples: instructions for the final work of the matter are already published online. In the meantime, you could also say: I was hooked with a very good online game, I'm making you two or three hours per day.
At the same time, is called person online to which it is possible to contact through the network of networks, either that is carrying out any task of the so-called virtual. To illustrate, we would say: as soon as I see that I am online, pass me the photos that we took on Saturday on the birthday of Leo.
Synonyms Online
As we said at the beginning, being a word which began to be implemented in recent years, it is difficult to find synonyms. Despite this could indicate: online, networked, surfing the Internet.

3. Definition of Online

Online is a term that comes from the English language and translated into our shows online. Now, it should be noted that this concept has become extremely popular in recent years especially thanks to the goodness and the advance of the internet, because it is mainly used to express the connectivity that something or someone has, i.e., when a device or system is connected it will say that it is online, as when an individual is connected to the internet it will say that it is online.
In the case of an internet user who is in the mentioned State of online you will be contacted by other users which is in relation in this way. For example, in the chat program Messenger when an individual is online, your contacts appreciate that there is a distinction in green color and then when you are in this State may hold talks with him.
Another common use we attach it to the term is when certain information, usually the public user requires, are found online on a web page so they can access them. The prices of all our merchandise online can get it through our web site.
The concept that opposes is offline proposed the opposite, the disconnection.
On the other hand, in the field of telecommunications also we find a reference to this term, since through it you will appoint to that device is in online mode and linked to another system, which is most important. Then, being in this way, device, will be affordable for the mentioned system required the intervention of a human being who operate it.
And when the Word applies to any system which is in operation and deals with running a task it is usual to be said of it is online and ready to run it.

4. Definition of Online

Online is an English word which means "online". The concept is used in the field of computer science to nominate something connected or someone who is making use of a network (usually the Internet).
It is said that information is online or online, therefore, when is available via the Internet. For example: "the teacher said that it would publish online the results of the tests", "the Minister's statement is already online on various portals," "this online game is addictive: five hours ago I am front screen".
A person who is online, on the other hand, is one who can be contacted through the website or that is developing a virtual task: "at the moment I'm online, anything send me an email", "you call in five minutes because I'm talking online to a customer of United States", "When you see me online, send me photos of the party boat".
In a more technical sense, used in the telecommunications sector, an online device is one that is associated with a larger system under its direct control. This means that the device is available to the system without the need for human intervention.
The concept of line is also used beyond computing and telecommunications to name the person who has physical fitness or a graceful appearance: "I have to exercise to get in line", "Two months ago I follow this diet and I'm still not online". In these cases, the Word as a synonym for online online is not common.

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