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1 Meanings of paroxysm

paroxysm s. m.
1. Maximum and violent exaltation of a feeling or a passion.
2 Period of maximum intensity of an organic or natural phenomenon: the paroxysm of a seismic movement; the paroxysm of fever.
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m. Pat. Exacerbation or violent access of a disease, or maximum intensity of it.
Extreme exaltation of the affections and passions.
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masculine noun
exacerbation, exaltation.
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2. Definition of paroxysm

The notion of paroxysm, which comes from the Greek language, refers to an exaggeration of something. The concept is usually used with reference to the mob of an opinion or a feeling expression, although it also appears in the field of Medicine (the violent manifestation of a disease).
The paroxysm, therefore, can be considered a figure of speech which consists to exaggerate and reflect any issue with unrestrained passion. If a young man see a woman who is attractive, can tell a friend: "Look how cute girl walking in the square". A paroxysm applied to the same situation might be: "Look at this heavenly goddess who walks her beauty like no other and enhances the sense of sight, filling our hearts with fire".
The paroxysms often appear linked to fanaticism. A person may indicate that Lionel Messi is a great football player, but if you bring that recognition into a paroxysm, could indicate: "there was no person in history who has a similar skill to Lionel Messi, the only human who can perform miracles in the field and has no opponent able to shadow".
In the field of politics, the paroxysms may arise by a charismatic leader or a despot followers fans: "the beloved General Cupittol, sole leader of these lands, is a brave man who, with his example and his master, guide his people every day and defends it from the enemies who want to damage itreceiving the love of the masses for their fantastic everyday actions.

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