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Definition of Parvulo

1 Meaning of Parvulo

Means pre-school a child from 84 days to 5 years 11 months, found in the preschool stage, before going to basic education.

2. Definition of Parvulo

The Latin term parvus can become parvŭlus when expressed in diminutive. This notion became our language as pablum, an adjective referred to a small child, walking age.
For example: "It was only an aide when I started to scribble my first drawings", "the aides were encouraged to respond to the principal of the school, something that surprised those present", "Educate a pablum is a task that requires responsibility and affection".
Pablum is also used to describe something or someone as innocent or candid: "Bruno is a pre-school, still believes in Santa Claus," "It was a comment aides, without malice, although it was poorly received by the family of the bride", "aide humor has lost ground against rudeness".
Another use of aides is linked to ignorance or lack of culture: "do not want to be surrounded by kindergarten: we will have to get more strict when choosing personnel", "someone could explain to me why a pablum as Lopez came to become the President of this organization", "It is better to not respond to young children who only want to bother".
It is important to emphasize that the use of aides is more or less usual depending on the geographic region. In several countries, the word is rare, as usually use terms such as "kids", "children", "small", "infants", "kids" or "kids" to appoint young children.
In Chile, is known as educators of kindergarten teachers who develop a child's preschool education and that mark its beginning in systematic training.

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