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Definition of Pasquin

1 Meaning of Pasquin

He is called pasquin written anonymous that focuses on public site, with satirical expressions against the Government or against a particular person or particular Corporation.
The term comes from a Roman Shoemaker called Pasquin or Pasquino, famous for its spicy and funny sayings whose store was since meeting of many unemployed are entertained talking about others and issues of today. After the death of Shoemaker, recomposing its Street, they found the trunk of an old statue placed in the square that had been found, in front of his shoe store, which had been so the people gave him the name of the deceased.
Since then, was taken as usual fix satires which were composed, assuming that he spoke in them the same pasquin taking these pasquinadas name in this statue.
This statue or trunk of white marble was placed in an angle of the Orsini Palace and it used to be the leaflets. Replicas when it was case, appeared in another statue near the Capitol called Marforio.

2. Definition of Pasquin

The etymological history of the term pasquin is curious. The concept comes from Pasquino, which is the name of a Roman sculpture that satirical texts were left. By extension, referred to as pasquin to messages displayed on a public space which does not bear a signature and that include some sort of satire or criticism of the authorities, some personality or an organization.
Currently, the most frequent use of the notion refers to a publication with sensational and offensive, contents away from journalistic ethics. It is a derogatory term, which talks about the quality of the environment in question.
For example: "the President cannot leave to answer everything what they publish in a pasquin", "When I started in journalism, I had to work in a pasquin who invented news about celebrities of the time", "since the director resigned, this journal has become a pasquin without credibility".
It's easy to understand the notion of pasquin when thinking about the parameters that usually follow considered serious or respectable newspapers. While a quality journal will only publish news contrasted and confirmed with several sources, the pasquin present rumors as if they were verifiable facts. On the other hand, a responsible newspaper will prevent what are known as sensationalism, leaving aside the gruesome photos and slanderous comments. A pasquin, on the other hand, certainly in post morbid images on its cover or encourage the controversy through assaults and insults.

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