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Pass, passes or passes grape grapes to dry grapes, partially dehydrated is called. They are usually eaten raw, cooked, or as a condiment in other culinary dishes. Very sweet son by the high concentration of sugars and if stored for a long time the sugar crystallizes within the fruit.
Raisins are grapes of medium size and golden color, with or without seeds, which are produced to dry them in the Sun. An exception is the grape variety grown especially in Corinth which gives a darker and smaller type that gives rise to other Corinthian raisins, seedless raisins.
In a portion of 1/4 cup of raisins from California (about 40 grams), there are usually enough sugar (28-32 grams), which generated some approximately 110-140 calories. Also, tend to have a few grams of fiber, also very small amounts of protein (often 1 gram), sodium (usually around 10 milligrams), calcium, and iron. Raisins are high in potassium, with 310 milligrams (about 9% of the daily value).
Dentists often recommend not eating raisins by the strong combination of sugars and that its own viscosity fosters the emergence of tooth decay and other oral diseases. However, scientific studies cast doubt that the viscosity actually harms decisively, in addition to some chemical compounds that can help combat some oral bacteria have been found. In a laboratory, extracts from raisins managed to slow the development of Streptococcus, one of the main bacteria that cause tooth decay. Five chemicals in raisins - acid oleanolic, aldehyde oleanolic, betulin and betulinic acid, and 5-(hydroximetil) - 2 - furfural - seem to be responsible for delaying these bacteria. In addition, oleanolic acid prevents that some bacteria are installed in the tooth enamel.

2. Definition of passes

Raisins are grapes showing a partial dehydration, so they are almost dry. Also known as raisin grapes or raisins, can be eaten cooked or raw according to the preparation that is intended to perform.
Prune drying can occur naturally through the Sun's rays. After the drying process, the raisin acquires a dark color and exhibits a rough texture. It is a food with high amounts of carbohydrates, potassium and sugar.
It is important to note that all fruits that are submitted to a treatment of dewatered are known as raisins. In this sense, it can also speak of the prune which, as its name suggests, is what remains of plums after a dehydration process.
For example: "do you want a piece of cake? I put chocolate and raisins","Last night I tried a Greek carrying chicken, rice and raisins recipe","Raisins I don't like because they seem too sweet".
For many years, scientists believed that currants could cause tooth decay and other oral health problems. However, in recent times, new theories assert that the raisins, in reality, protect the enamel of the teeth and can help to eliminate bacteria.
Passes also is a conjugation of the verb go, that means moving one thing or move: "When he passed behind me, warn you carrying a weapon in his left hand," "Excuse me, does the collective that goes towards the waterfront goes here", "Pasa, Miguel, I was waiting...".

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