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Definition of presumed

1. Definition of presumed

We use the word presumed to account for that person that is characterized by pride and vanity that comes in his way of acting and behaving, and constantly driving it to boast of itself that holds and knows.
Basically, to the presumed you will love, to be among a group of people, exalt, and comment on all those qualities that are said to possess, the achievements in his life, the merits, the power that stop to the determined public and also, in the event as well, the tangible property that boasts.
It should be noted that it is precisely this provision which will lead the person to praise excessively, believing themselves capable of anything and of course doing so much better than anyone else in the world, although the reality is not all so.
Then, in the social field recognize it easily to the presumed because it will be one that will find it talking about themselves and nothing more than himself from the beginning to the end of a meeting.
Recurring is that in this repeated own assessment, the presumed tilt to devaluing those who have been to your around, because thus will mark further its supremacy on the rest.
The above shows that who is and shows of this mode will not have a valuation for anything positive on the part of your environment or group, but quite the opposite, because usually, annoying people, that person as the presumed that stands out no more than the same and tends to diminishing what makes another, simply because he is not doing or making.
Also, when a person is occupied too much of his physical appearance, i.e. it deals with its image, be always impeccable, with good clothes, good smell, among other issues, say it is presumed.
Between synonyms most used for this word emerge proud, vain and coquettish, for the second sense of the term.

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