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1. Concept of probe in the Wikipedia Encyclopedia

Probe is an interactive activity which aims to survey public opinion on a topic in particular. A survey consists of questions and answers within a series of options.
It is as an element of multiple choice exam: the respondent is asked to choose a response from certain options.
For example say this survey about your favorite singer: "is Lady Gaga deserves to win 3 Grammy"? A. Yes! B. No! C. undecided.
Answers of respondents gathered and classified.
The result, shown below, respondents. The results are analyzed statistically and are used to decide on the recommendations and future actions.
Does that poll? Authorities and companies make.
During the elections, used electoral. People voted to identify who are your choices to be the next leaders in the State. Therefore, results of election surveys name, which is the next President.
Companies also used polling to find out whether or not its customers are satisfied with their service. Through surveys, companies are able to identify if your service performs in the market or not.
Some companies use their internal research department to carry out the surveys. However, some hire polling companies to do it for them. For example say U.S. survey companies, offers a probing for new media services.
In recent decades, surveys were conducted in the approach of pen and paper. Respondents answered the question of the survey on the role of them. Hosts surveys need time to search for respondents, and traveled to the places where they live respondents.
Now, the technology makes it to lazy man. Polling can be done with the use of the internet and mobile devices.
With this new system, people don't need to cover door-to-door. We need it are simply sets of equipment, software, and information technology specialists (TI) to manage all the voting activity.
In this new system, the probe is much easier. First, you must prepare the questions and response options. Then TI specialists published the question and response options in communities of website or business website. Thus, when the respondents visit the sites, you can answer the question of the survey immediately.
Respondents may also receive the survey question and response options through the service of short messages and e-mail messages. In the web survey, respondents only click your answer on the Web site where the survey is published. In a few seconds, you can see partial results.
In the mobile poll, respondents text copy your response, as indicated in the instructions.
A special type of mobile is electoral voice. In the defendant's mobile phone number is manually mark and the question is delivered verbally. This is more accepted in the statistics. However, some countries prohibit this type of mobile poll.
Respondents can also access the Web site where the poll is published using WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) browsers. Web surveys can be customized for mobile viewing.
Instead of a manual recount, software collects answers from thousands of participants from around the world and due to them. The software also publishes the results of the survey on the host website, via email or SMS.
Companies use the poll for two main purposes. First of all, want to know if your customers like their service or not. They want to know the level of acceptance of their service, especially new.
Secondly, they want to generate information about their customers. Through surveys, companies may keep databases of names, locations and contact details for their customers.
The surveys also appear in popular social networking sites like Facebook. Users of these sites enjoy their favorite celebrities of qualification, wondering if a certain political likes and still reflect on how strong your faith is.
In Australia, the most notable electoral organizations include Newspoll, Roy Morgan Research, Galaxy poll and survey by AC Nielsen. These organizations address questions evolving around politics, entertainment, sports, lifestyle and business.
Respondents, it is fun to answering the survey questions. But for businesses and other hosts on the polls, it is a serious assessment tool and a means to create good relationship with its components – a foundation of business success.

2. Definition of probe

A survey is a tool of observation by those wishing to be clear what is the scene in a particular issue, a survey is by definition a process aimed at the search for a statistical result which gives the idea of what you want to apply to the area in which that procedure was conducted. The word comes from a slang, a probe is an object, manipulated remotely which is placed in a place and this is available to perform a thorough search of something specific that this configured to recognize. A survey is a more generalized search without instruments as specific as a probe, but if covers relevant aspects and a significant amount of replies obtained from different nature to be performed.

Probes are tools used in the economic and trade field, that is why actions which are used to make them are procedures that we commonly see them on the street in order to capture the attention of consumers and thus obtain a idea Systematics of what the customer wants. The most peculiar form of polls in a particular stratum are surveys, in general, to carry out a series of questions in a quick and concise way Gets a personalized answer, that anger in a specific category and then it will be absorbed by a count specific. THE questionnaire, although it has not so much screening as the survey, is to know in a mass more specific which is the scope of a decision or action.
When a Government decision has a direct impact on the stability of society, affecting the economic and democratic principles of society, journalists and public relations people are level to carry out surveys both the consumer and the market in order to establish the parameters and solve possible leaks in which money is lost. The impact of a new economic measure assumes an immediate probe of the panorama, which helps to keep information always at hand in executing strategies that remain standing to the economic system.

3. Definition of probe

Probe is the procedure and the outcome of the poll. This verb refers to the inquiries or surveys that are conducted to obtain a first overview about some topic.
For example: "the poll commissioned by the Government reveals that people disagreed with the proposal to lawmakers", "Before launching a new product, it will be better to do a survey among potential consumers to know what they want", "club officials made a poll to know what the opinion of residents about the Sports Centre".
The purpose of who carries out a survey is knowing what you think a social group or society in general on an issue. For this, it is usually prepare a questionnaire that is presented to people in different ways (through a personal interview, a phone call, Internet, etc.) to gather responses. Based on what was said by the respondents, it is possible to draw conclusions regarding the prevailing view.
Suppose that a newspaper intended to publish a note on the impact of a legislative project that should be voted as soon as. As part of the work of that article, the journal hires a consulting firm that is in charge of carrying out a survey. Thus, consultant will make phone calls to different cities of the country to collect opinions and provide an overview on how the broadest possible received the population the legislative proposal.
In medicine and geology, finally, the notion of probe is used to refer to procedures that are performed with probes or similar tubes.

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