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Relaciones Publicas

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1. Concept of Public relations in the Wikipedia Encyclopedia

Public relations (PR) is called to the branch of the communication that takes care of create, modify or maintain the positive image whether it is a company, organization, public or private entity, or person and strengthen links with all its publics (internal, external or indirect). Also to the person who develops this profesion.1
Its mission is to create a link between the Organization, communication and related public (Stakeholder), as well as convince and integrate positively, so used different strategies, techniques and instruments.
It is a discipline which uses methods and theories of advertising, marketing, design, communication, politics, psychology, sociology, journalism, among other branches and professions.
Like systems or military or Government intelligence departments, work under the premise of "while more information you have, most successful are the actions and decisions", this is why that is fundamental to all professional public relations be highly informed of all events that it can be linked directly or indirectly to your organization or project.
There are a lot of scholars of public relations that, over time, advocates of a discipline associated with the management and communication of any organization aspects. Therefore are committed to linking public relations with the strategic direction of organizations of any kind, for which it seems necessary, on the one hand, authorize the entry of the discipline in the Coalition dominant or reporting directly to the executive leadership of the Organization and understanding, on the other hand, that public relations is a function of management separated from other functions of the organizations.
Although the concept relations relationship is implicit in the expression public, few have been specialists in the area who have dared to carefully defined or develop reliable measurements of the results of the relations. Cutting-edge public relations held in the works on dual-flow relationship variables (bi-directional): communication (dimension of the dialogue), understanding (knowledge sharing), agreement (shared attitudes) and supplementary behavior over time.
Some try to compare research and the theory of public relations developed in Europe with what has been done in the United States, and observed interests and common structures in the construction of theories, as well as numerous theories and approaches from United States Europe adoptions. But we also see substantial differences, for example in the area of research: the main understanding about public relations within the European scientific community may be slightly different from the of United States in several important elements, that is, in the way of naming, the meaning and the relevance of the concepts 'relationship' and 'communication'.

2. Definition of public relations

Public relations are those functions of a company or institution which represent the same against society. Most businesses or organizations must have a binding deal with the people, for this is creating a public relations department within them, which are formed by a group of people who carry with them a systematic process of treatment to the customer or public in general. The efficiency of the relationship public in today's society depends on factors based on the ethics and values of the company, the deal to the public in some cases can become "Complicated" as the demand for a requirement or a function carried out by an institution to a public that does not understand the real working relationship which leads to who treats you can generate setbacks.
Public relations can be considered the characteristic human and social enterprises and institutions, since this represents a direct contact with persons, inclusive of any layer, regardless of social class or race. Public relations studied from different areas, such as the legal and commercial, from both aspects, seeks to generate an array of consumer customer satisfaction or the interested party that can perform a procedure, in the case of the commercial, is the marketing who is in charge of carrying out strategies that seek to retain and attract customers to sell their productsas well as the quality of the product is important, customer service is paramount to finalize a deal or a business - sale.
To develop techniques of public relations seeks marketing specialist experience and analyze the field trying to penetrate, the reason why it is on the site is clear, they'll get who buy your product, however, the intention is to generate a positive impact the customer who feels at ease with what is offered and who is offering itto be able to create a stable and positive relationship in the management. Business and the processing of requirements at the governmental level are factors directly influencing society is why PR should improve and maintain acceptable treatment always with the public.

3. Definition of public relations

He is called public relations or PR, acronym with which is also often referred to this discipline to win in abbreviation, the science that deals manage to communicate a certain organization and society, in order to construct, manage and maintain its positive image among the public.
Although it is not very precisely determined, it is known that the origins of public relations, date back to antiquity, given that tribal societies were trying to, through a series of practices similar to those proposed by the science of public relations of the present time, promote respect for the authority of the Chief of a tribe.
Public relations will entail planning that must develop in a strategic way and appeals to a kind of two-way communication, since not only will go to external and internal audiences, but also attend and hear the needs that raise you this, promoting mutual understanding and allowing it to be used as a broadly competitive advantage when looking for positioning.
This science will use advertising, information and promotion does not pay to carry out its task.
The main tasks to be assigned to those responsible for public relations of a company in order to manage the best institutional image, include: management of internal communications, because it will be of vital importance to know the Organization's human resources and that these in turn knowledge of institutional policies, because no can ever communicate what is unknown; management of external communications, because every institution must be known if same and to whom power in it, achieving this before anything through the linkage with other companies, institutions, whether they are financial, governmental, or media; humanistic functions, the information transmitted shall be always truthful, in order to win the confidence of the public and contribute to the institutional growth; analysis and understanding of public opinion, will be very important to manipulate public opinion to be able to then act on it.
And working together with other disciplines and areas, the work must be a solid humanistic basis, with relevant information on psychology, sociology, and human relations, basically, for working with people and is vital before anything understand them.
Today, as a result of the growing similarity presenting products, it is vital to find a tool that allows companies to distinguish themselves.
To achieve this, public relations, should work with some intangible resources such as: identity (those that will characterize the company and differentiate it from the rest), culture (his way of acting), philosophy (the overall objective of the Organization), picture (representation of the company in those with which builds communication links) and reputation (the mental representation that it forms the public).

4. Definition of public relations

Referred to as public relations or PR to science that manages the communication between an organization and the society, in order to construct, manage and maintain your image positive. It is said that its origins go back to ancient times, when tribal societies were trying to promote respect for the authority of the Chief.
It is a planned discipline develops strategic way that appeals to a bi-directional communication, since it is directed at a public (internal and external) but also listen to and meets the needs of this.
Among the main tasks of public relations, are the management of internal communications (to meet the human resources of the Organization and that they understand the institutional policies), management (order to show herself) external communications, the humanistic functions (trying to win the confidence of the public) and the analysis and understanding of the public opinion (to then act on it).
Public relations work in conjunction with other disciplines and areas such as psychology, sociology and marketing.
The importance of public relations lies in working with intangible resources such as identity (what characterizes the Organization and the difference of the rest), philosophy (the overall objective of the Organization), culture (his way of acting), image (representation) and reputation (mental representation generated by the public).
Currently, public relations are often subordinated to marketing, the functioning of organizations usually arise only from business logic.

5 Concept of public relations

Public relations are a set of actions coordinated and sustained strategic communication over time, which main aim to strengthen links with the various publics, listening to them, informing them and persuading them to achieve consensus, faithfulness and support them in present or future actions.
Public relations implement negotiation techniques, marketing and publicity to complement and strengthen their performance within the framework of a particular and unique social environment that must be studied with utmost care so that those actions can be well performed and accepted by the different public focuses on who a public relations program.

Other definitions:

Public relations constitute the administrative function that evaluates public attitudes, identifies the policies and procedures of an organization, and implements programmes of action and communication to win understanding and acceptance of the public. In order that a good image of the company interfere through the senses in their respective publics to achieve the obtaining of better possibilities to compete and get better dividends.

Note: It is noted that when reference is made to the public, this covers both the internal audience (employees), the external (customers, suppliers, banks, media, trade unions, etc.) and the mixed public (shareholders and distributors)

More definitions:

Two decades ago, a commonly accepted definition of the PP RR was as follows:

"Do good and inform the people of this"

Twenty years later, in an increasingly complex world, the literature of the field requires a deeper analysis of the term and several definitions will be here.

"Public relations is a planned effort to influence opinion through good character and responsible for implementation, based on a mutually satisfactory two-way communication"

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