What is the meaning of Questionnaire? Concept, Definition of Questionnaire

Definition of questionnaire


1 Meaning of questionnaire

The questionnaires are a series of ordered questions, seeking information on the part of who responds, to serve who asks or both parties.
The questionnaires are used many times as a technical evaluation, or research guide, or also to carry out surveys, where he interrogates on certain "issues" that you want to find out. They are widely used in education, psychology, sociology, and market research.
The questions should be short, open (with freedom to express itself) closed (must choose between preset alternatives) or combining both; precise, numbered, not ambiguous, not conditional, and worded in terms of language and in terms of its complexity, according to age and studies or knowledge that is supposed to be the person questioned.
The purpose of the questionnaire, must know in advance and how interpreted the answers, quantitatively and qualitatively. This knowledge should have it which made the questionnaire, which must be suitable people, and also those who answer them.
Questions, which will be documented, should be sequenced, organized, and complexity should be increased. The allotted time to answer them must be suitable, and give the necessary, so you might think before answering. Which contain open-ended questions require more time.
The first questions should in general be motivational, that have nothing to do with the desired goal, but rather with awakening the interest which responds, plants tend to be the most complicated, but also which provide additional information, and in the end the more relaxed, when already the subject is tired.

2. Definition of questionnaire

A questionnaire is a set of questions aimed at information with some objective specifically. There are numerous styles and formats of questionnaires, according to the specific purpose of each one.
In the field of education, questionnaires usually the mechanism chosen by the teachers to evaluate students. A questionnaire may appear in writing, indicating the student to answer questions in question on a sheet. According to their replies, the teacher can judge if the student learned, or not, issued in class.
Quizzes to test mode can also be provided orally. In this case, the student must respond to the interrogation of the teacher, who will ask questions related to the topic of study.
Surveys, on the other hand, are also developed through questionnaires. If a company which produces candy want to know the preferences of consumers before launching a new product, you will be able to buyers survey through questionnaires that ask what are your favorite flavors, what kind of container called more attention, much money think investing in sweets, etc.
Censuses organized by a State are other procedures that include questionnaires. Thanks to a census, the authorities of a country can be obtained very important data to develop statistics that, in turn, serve for the elaboration of the State policy. Census questionnaires usually ask people about the nuclear family, the characteristics of the housing, the domestic economy and other issues.

3 Concept of questionnaire

The search of information in certain strata tool is the questionnaire maybe the best tool when Stat is spoken. The questionnaire is an organized and practical way to questions and answers, is an adaptable system to any field seeking a widespread perception of a subject specific, however it is also applicable in intrapersonal relations as interviews work or student positions in which it is necessary to evaluate psychological or academic behavior of any person. To develop a questionnaire it is necessary to take account of each relevant topic topic to be treated, these usually, they are those who have a direct impact on society.
Most of the questionnaires, in contrast to surveys are made in certain places, this depends on which take the quiz run it fully. Therefore, as a certain layer to ensure the realization of these. Despite trying to differentiate the questionnaire of the survey, one of the most relevant characteristics of the survey is that despite this informal, is based on questions and answers, although they are oral and fast, they have the same schema as a questionnaire.
There are procedures which are based directly on questionnaires, examples of these are the inscriptions, who receive care they must fill in a form of minimum requirements for the approval of the registration, the same goes for the national census, when the National Institute of statistics is avoca time to carry out general surveys of the population, creates intuitive forms so that the agents go door-to-door to determineas well as the number of people living in each House, the conditions in which they live, the State of the House and many more relevant characteristics on the psychosocial status of the family, this procedure gives statistical results of vital importance to the country, since growth in subjects such as economics, health plans are developed through these, housing, education among others. The questionnaire is a generic tool, also we call questionnaire summary of questions and answers as a guide to practice to study before a test.

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