What is the meaning of Reception in volleyball? Concept, Definition of Reception in volleyball

Definition of reception in volleyball

1 Meaning of reception in volleyball

Intercept and control a ball towards another companion in good condition to play it. Low balls are received with forearms to the front at the height of the waist and high with fingers, over the head. In other cases more spectacular moves are needed. It is common to see the player throwing in iron on the abdomen by stretching the arm so the ball pot on hand instead of on the ground and thus avoiding the point.
Forearm, volley, nod or blow techniques are used with any part of the body as a last resort. Apply different techniques for the reception of the drawdown, to defend against different attacks or even to retrieve balls poorly controlled in a lock or previous touch.

2. Definition of reception in volleyball

Volleyball is a team sport that is played with a ball, and where players vary by rotating its position in court whenever they score political points.
The ball is directed by a team to each other through a network, with the aim of raising or score points if the team fails to stop it, and the ball falls to the floor within the Court. As the ball can not stand or retained, it is essential to have good reception of the same and also return it properly or to transfer to another teammate.
Therefore, well receive the ball, once it passes the network, and can then return it or pass it to a teammate, to make this that top it, or pass it back to the contrary above field network; It is essential to be successful in the game.
The balls can come to lower or higher, what should be displayed as stopped by the player, who must be preparing in the possible arrival direction, just lifting the heels, flexing a little knees. When they arrive low, they should join the forearms, and place them in front of the waist, palms up, hands joined, to be able to hit the ball with the area below the elbow, releasing them for up and forward, with an extension of legs, which must be separated to achieve stability. If they reach height, they must be received over the head, using the fingers of the hand, lifting a little heels and putting one foot in front of the other.

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