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Defining Receptionist

1. Meaning Receptionist

A / A receptionist is a professional who serves the customers or users of a building in a particular area called reception. Provides all kinds of information and assistance, so usually has some knowledge of secretarial science. Depending on their specialty, the tasks to be performed may vary significantly. In hospitality are considered "The business card of the hotel."
Being the customer its main task, has a number of functions and responsibilities vary depending on the type of establishment. Mainly provides accurate and handle any service request from a client, either present, by phone, email or fax. In tourist establishments, often speak several languages, change currency, sell newspapers, excursions, translate documents and prepare guidebooks. Also, some companies complement receptionist training providing language courses. This change currency and sell all kinds of extras are forced to maintain a cash balance for each shift and raise those boxes per shift schedule to close. (Bar, restaurant, snack bar), etc.)
By the courtesy that entails, usually keep track of people entering and leaving the establishment, may at any time make use of surveillance cameras and radios for communication management with safety equipment.
For correct operation of the receiving department, maintain a chronological list of important events in the logbook called and the corresponding parts of breakages or cleaning for the various departments to how to proceed with your prompt service. The importance of the logbook is that it allows to know certain details about significant events that can be viewed later to resolve customer complaints or major incidents.
At the hotels, receptionists maintain a system status overview of the hotel, its clientele , control of inputs, outputs, free rooms, busy, reservations, etc. forecasts. To do this, prepare a traditional scheme called rack plus one computer and control, state and back keys throughout. Through the management information system implemented by the company, develop and provide listings information to other departments; Kitchen, (Report kitchen Maitre and address) Floors, (Rooming List) Accounting and Production Report Management (Current Hand) List of expected inputs and outputs as well as the management of reserves (Booking monthly) and billing charges. (Charges day)
Depending on the operating system in the medical services provided by a country, particularly through hospitals, receptionists may be part of the record entry by the patient, which may include the initiation of files and labels and clerical operations for the hospitalization process, meaning that they may have several receptionists in their respective areas of work for the attention of the people to the hospital entrance. And it can also mean that the knowledge of the receptionist, in this case, can be extended to medical terminology.
Receptionists travel agencies in Europe are trained in the use of the Amadeus database and in specific areas, often speak a language other than local. By and large they are natives of the country representing the travel agency.

2. Defining Receptionist

Receptionist is who has the power to receive someone in public sites, such as apartment buildings, banks, travel companies, hotels, conference centers, clinics, offices, cinemas, theaters or other entertainment.
presence is useful receptionist in places where there are many public service offices, in order to derive adequate user or concurrent to the right spot, avoiding wasted time. Example: "I got the gas bill, go to the company and ask the receptionist which office should I contact to get a copy."
They are skilled in customer care, with some secretarial studies. They are located at the entrance to these places, after a desk or compartment intended for that purpose, and welcome those who enter there, in addition to corroborate than unwanted visitors.
At hotels, report on services, recorded at the Guests, indicate where they are staying with those who request permission to guests, receive the keys in case the residents leave, keep correspondence, attending phone calls derived if applicable, resolve complaints, provide advice on the services of the hotel, on Transportation and location of the most representative of where the building is located, and reserved rooms. In most cases, it is at the reception which made ​​checking in and checking out, and paid for the stay. Ideally, the receptionists have knowledge of languages ​​to better communicate with foreign guests.
receptionist for everything, good treatment, the spirit of solidarity, sympathy and general culture, are the attributes required by those who hire them.

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