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Definition of rest

1 Meaning of rest

Vacation for a day or part of the workday. | In the past, party of the Court in which the courts failed.

2. Definition of rest

The word rest means that period of rest which affects employment or student activity and which is characterized by its short duration, you can normally involve an afternoon, a morning, or a full day.
Generally, to the rest, and depending on the motivation in question, a national authority can set it as you can be a President of the nation, a municipal authority, the director of an educational establishment, the Manager of a company, among other alternatives.
The Executive Branch tends to establish a rest on the occasion of the celebration of a feast or commemoration of an important day for the country. For example, in those places in the world where Eve is celebrated on December 24 it is usual that rest in the activities of public administration decisions handed down after noon. In addition, such a situation can move to a company.
In schools, many times the rest has to do with special and extracurricular activities that they carry out in school, such is the case of the vote in a national election and then, that motivates to establish a rest with the Mission of restoring order and cleanliness in school the next day.
Noteworthy is that is extended the use of this word with a holiday sense, i.e. to express that there is holiday.
For instance, holiday or vacation is one of the most popular synonyms of this word. Because the holiday is just the temporary interruption of employment, student activity that takes place, in order to rest. During this time workers and students do not attend their works or classes, respectively, and are dedicated to relax, travel or those activities that can do when they are affected by their obligations.
Of course these activities carried out during the holiday or the rest will depend on the amount of free days that have, if it's one day, people tends to rest, get up later than usual, visit friends, among other actions, insofar as possible, if they are more days it is a habit that travel to any destination.

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