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Definition of sale


1 Meaning of sale

The feminine noun that this time brings us close guard together with the transitive verb relationship selling. But before moving on to explain and exemplify it, it is worth reviewing its etymological origin. It lies in the latin vendita. As well, now yes let's focus on the word sale. Its first meaning refers to the delivery of something to a third party in exchange for an amount of silver agreed in advance. The curiosity of their use rests with the term in question is used to refer to the operation itself, as well as to refer to the amount of things that are sold. An example would say: the sale of pizzas the end of weeks was full, there was no us none of the hundred that we had prepared. While one could also say: today I met my former coworker, duck and she told me that she is now dedicating to the sale of auto parts.
Furthermore, it is important to remember that the sale can be cash, credit and time limits. In the first variant, the goods in question must be paid at the same time taken. In the second in both, the price must pay after the election. While in the third, the payment is divided into several deliveries that must be successive.
On the other hand, sales be conducted in premises or business enabled for that purpose; as well as both Street (on the street or in a means of public transport, for example) can be given as home (here the seller goes to the domicile of the buyer). At the same time, with the passing of the years and the advance which brought with it the communications, it is now also possible sales by phone, Internet and mail.
It should be noted that the sale of services and products form the elementary basis of the operations of the companies. Through such sales companies manage to earn revenue. Finally, there are those who distinguish between sales material and symbolic. An example for the first would be to sell a car; While the second would sell the pass of a basketball player.
Synonym for sale
Then provide them a list of synonyms of the word in question: marketing, trade, business, transaction, offer, resale, allocation, assignment.

2 Concept of sale

The sale is a contract in which one thing is transferred to foreign domain for an agreed price. There are different types of sales according to the contract of payments, deadlines of delivery places or establishments involved, people who compose it.
Direct selling is which is done without intermediaries: the seller offers advantageous conditions consumer products are not taxed at the cost of distribution. One of the precursors of sale was the street, in particular, from House to House.
It was a very widespread trading system when it wasn't cost effective to install an establishment because of low population; Today, it continues to exist but most is done door to door through a regional supervisor. We also organize group meetings in which present a range of products so consumers can choose.
According to the mode of payment, there is a credit sale based on the fact that the amount of the sale is not perceived in the Act, but in a subsequent period. Sale in deadlines, more structured, is made through a contract in which the purchased goods are paid in several previously agreed dates. The first delivery tends to be greater value assessed on a percentage of the value of the acquired asset.
This type of sales have favored to increase production because they can be purchased even if not all of the money is available.
Today companies have developed various sales strategies in which looks at the ways of achieving further increases and profits. This establishes sales policy from measures that employees need to know to optimize your work.
At the same time, attempts to develop the best design and presentation of the product, advertising and pricing policy, to achieve the objectives of corporate profits. Some pricing policies can be the application of discounts, bonus for consumption and promotions, among others.

3. Definition of sale

Sale is a relationship which is closely related to the purchase, inclusive, it can be said that it is against part since this involves placing on the market of a product or service for the purpose of which is purchased by a consumer. Dependence of the sale to a market prospero becomes a process in constant movement and expansion, since the presence of a product in the field of interest of this impact on consumer brand.
Selling is a process of social complexity, since the strategies aimed directly to a mass of people which are configured as clients, by what the company producing the good or service should focus not only on selling the product, if not also of making a correct use of advertising in order to please him the consumer and even morekeep it true to the product that you want to sell. That gives best results when selling, since production is higher because they have customers loyal to the brand. The establishment of a product in a versatile market is based on a basic principle of innovation, this is contracted with the precise idea of being the brand fresh and innovative market in order to please the most possible layers. All these processes in which binds the buying and selling are managed by the marketing, market or marketing, everyone is the same.
Sale may be in different ways, these agreement of the capacity that the seller has receive their profit and possibility of the client to pay, the most common is which is done immediately, a consumer buys a product and this cancelled it immediately settled the relationship at the time, the other, a little more complex and that deserves that the relationship is more narrow and long is the sale realized by contributionsthe customer decides to pay for the product you want in comfortable instalments and at the same time the seller receives money extra but in a staggered way. This type of sales are called credits, are a practical alternative when purchasing products in times of crisis.

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