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1. Concept of service in the Wikipedia Encyclopedia

A service is a set of activities that seek to meet the needs of a client. Services include a variety of activities performed by a grown number of officials who work for the State (public services) or to private companies (private services); among these services can point out of: electricity, water, toilet, telephone, Telegraph, mail transportation, education, cyber-cafes, health and social welfare. Defines a framework where the activities will be developed with the idea of setting an expectation in the result of these. It is the non-material equivalent of a good. A service is different from a good (physical or intangible) in that the first is consumed and wears brutally since the social economy has nothing to do with modern politics; It is very important to point out that the national economy there always at the moment in which it is provided.
To provide some level of skill, ingenuity, and experience, service providers participate in an economy without the restrictions of carrying heavy inventory or worry about bulky raw materials. On the other hand, requires constant investment in marketing, training and updating in the face of competition, which has equally few physical restrictions.
Providers of services make up the tertiary sector of industry.

Definition in the ISO 9000 standards series

A service is the result of necessarily carry out at least one activity at the interface between the supplier and the customer and is generally intangible. The provision of a service may involve:
• an activity performed on a tangible product supplied by the client (for example, a car repair);
• an activity carried out on an intangible product supplied by the client (for example, the statement of income needed to prepare the tax return to the);
• delivery of an intangible product (e.g. the delivery of information in the context of knowledge transmission);
• the creation of an environment for the customer (for example, in hotels and restaurant)

2 Meaning of service

Once again, as on so many other occasions, we are talking about a term that comes from the latin, in this case of servitium. We will make reference on this occasion to the word service, which in action and effect of serving. As well, seen from the economics and marketing, it is an activity which seeks to respond to the needs of a client or any person in particular. Related to this last so well we could say that a service would be the set of activities that are executed internally in a company, for instance, to be able the needs of who or who contract it.
Now, if the sector deals with services, it is the same that allude to the economic sector in which meet the economic activities that are not capable of producing material goods in a direct way. What they produce are services which are offered to stop, as he was already said, compensate for the needs of the population. Within its broad and vast universe, includes sub-sectors such as entertainment, culture, leisure, hospitality, tourism, finance, communications, transport, trade, public administration and public services. The latter, regardless of if lends them the State either a private initiative. The main functions of this sector through direct, organize and facilitate the productive activity of the other two sectors, i.e. the primary and the secondary.
When referring to their features, beyond the inviolability or tangibility, the following should be added: absence of property (who buy a service has the right to receive it, but is not the owner); heterogeneity (a couple of similar services will never be the same, which is linked with variations in individuals or moments in which it is delivered); perishability (a service may not be stored) and inseparability (either production or consumption, despite the redundancy, occur almost at the same time).
On a completely different agenda, and going to the sports universe, in disciplines such as tennis or volleyball is called service to serve with which begins each point.
Synonym of service
Always taking into account the context in which it is used, the word in question can count on these synonyms: delivery, help, assistance, please, help, Office, mission, custom, advantage, benefit and mission among others.

3. Service definition

For the economics and marketing, so in vogue and essential these days in any society in the world that boasts of such, almost like a mother, a service is the set of activities that takes place internally a company for example to respond and meet the needs of a client. It is a good, but differs from it because always consumed when that is rendered.
Although the service is generally intangible such as in the case of the management of some sort of process that prompts the customer to a company, it can also tangible if for example some appliance repair.
Among the most salient features that add to the already exposed tangibility and intangibility: heterogeneity: two similar services will never be identical or equal, this has to do with variations in people or moments in which it is delivered; inseparability: both consumption and production occur totally or almost simultaneously; perishability: a service cannot be stored, mainly by this ultimate inseparability that I commented and absence of property: one who buys a service acquires the right to receive it but is not the owner of the same.
While all service and more if you want to provide one which is well, should follow the following principles (would be good companies to read them thoroughly and then implement!): service-oriented, have the firm conviction that it is an honor to serve, provide a full satisfaction to the buyer of the service, if necessary, if there is any contingencyprove that it is not impossible to find a solution to the problem which arose with the service charge for a service that is not provided or provided wrong, move away from authoritarian, lead by example behaviors, this means that for example the company that provides services must provide both clients as employers the best context work.
This basic principles and in terms of the time at which the service is carried out must be observed the following: quality, establish the specifications of the product, friendly and courteous (the polite not removed so brave), come always to the satisfaction of the customer, keep the promises which are assumed, do not expect the customer this between the more irritable that usually occurs when we acquired some service and finally let them always to give his opinion even if it is negative.

4. Service definition

Originating from the Latin word servitĭum, the word service defines activities and serve as a result (a verb that is used to name the condition of someone who is available to another to do what it requires or directs).
This notion provides the possibility to appoint to the offer of a religious holiday, a team of servants who plays in a home, the money that is paid each year by livestock and human delivery that allows to cover social needs and which bear relation to the production of material goods.
On the basis of that meaning could establish the following phrases as perfect examples of that: "Mary and John were the housekeeper and driver who were working in the service of the Marquis"; or "the King came to his palace which was cared for by a service consisting of more than fifteen people".
Economic level and in the field of marketing, is often understood by service to an accumulation of tasks carried out by a company to meet the needs of its customers. In this way, the service could present as a good of a non-material nature. Therefore, those who offer services do not normally make use of a large number of raw materials and have few physical restrictions. It should also be pointed out that its most important value is the experience. On the other hand, it is necessary to underline that those who provide services to integrate the so-called tertiary sector of industrial scale.
Characteristics intrinsic to a service allowing to differentiate this from a product include intangibility (a service can not be seen, felt, smelled, or heard before buying it), the heterogeneity (two or more services may be similar but they will never be identical or equal), the perishability (a service may not be stored), the inseparability (production and consumption are developed partially or completely Parallels) and the absence of property (those who hire a) (service they get the right to receive a benefit, use, access or rental of one thing, but do not become owners of it).
In this sense, it would be necessary to establish that there are plenty of types of service within what is the economic sector. However, the more significant the so-called public and private services include.
The first type is one that stands out because it encompasses a number of activities that are carried out by professionals who are working for what is the Government of a city, region or country. Set of actions that aim to meet basic and fundamental citizen needs such as education, health care or transportation.
The second type of services mentioned, private, however stands out because it defines the actions that are performed by professionals who depend on individual and private industries and companies. In this case, therefore, citizen rather than as such it serves as a customer or consumer of those.
On the basis of all this could establish a differentiation such as the following between two kinds of services mentioned. Thus, for example, health care that is received in a hospital under the administration of the city is a public service while hiring a catering service in a company is a private service.

5 Service concept

In economics, is economic activity grouped as tertiary, consisting in the provision of an intangible asset. Includes: Administration, Commerce, transport and telecommunications, trade, hospitality, food, financial services, real estate and education.
They render services in addition, health professionals, lawyers, teachers, domestic staff, among others.
The responsibility of the service provider is to their dedication and diligence to the end, which is the customer's satisfaction. Services may include within the public or private sector. In general, essential public services are carried out by companies in the State, or private with State control, such as water, electricity and gas services.
Although in general the more developed countries have occupied most of their population in the services sector, in some underdeveloped economies, services are held in many cases of workers in black, that is, within the informal sector of the economy, for example, the cartoneros.
Although not produce material goods, services can impact on the environment, for example, when they are laying electric, gas pipelines, roads, or tourist activities that call for large numbers of people, with polluting effects.
Meteorological Service is called information provided by specialized agencies, on the State of weather and climate, and future predictions.
Military service is providing the citizens of a State, some countries of compulsively, in defense of their homeland.
Table service, called restaurants to have at the table cutlery need to make food that will be served, glasses, napkins and bread is included in some cases. This many times is paid separately. In other cases it is named to the attention received by the guest, including food and drink.

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