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Definition of subject

1 Meaning of subject

The subjects (from the latin assignatus) are the materials that form a career or a curriculum, and imposed in schools. Examples of subjects include literature, biology and chemistry.
On the other hand, when someone refers to a pending matter, he's talking about a project or an ideal which is still pending. For example: "travel to the Caribbean is a pending matter for my".
Although in many countries the words subjects and materials are used as synonyms, certain differences can be set. Studies, whether basic, secondary or higher education are divided into subjects. Each subject is usually be assigned a classroom where we hold classes, their teachers themselves, certain schedules, etc. I.e. that each subject focuses on a different area of knowledge.
On the other hand, when a student made a study, a research, or a specific project, which revolves around a single theme, it's a matter of study.
The difference that could be established between subject and subject, therefore, is as follows: a subject is formed by one or more subjects structured within a plan of study or academic year. Outside this context, the object of study by itself only can known as matter.
The subjects, therefore, represent the essence of educational systems, constitute the pillar of the curricula. The set of subjects make up the basic studies and also the careers of degree or postgraduate.

2. Definition of subject

A subject is a subject that is taught in the school, at a university or any other educational establishment and which forms an integral part of a career or course. The variety of subjects that exist include the following: biology, music, activities, math, literature, English, psychology, among others. I am loose in the subject of mathematics, will I need to support non-formal. The first year of the race consists of ten subjects.
It should be noted that in any career, course, rendered in an educational establishment, the subjects are taught by professionals who have studies and specific super knowledge on it, usually, obtained after doing some degree related to the subject in question. Also, the teaching of the subjects has a hourly frequency always. For instance, the subject of literature is run days Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 to 10:30.
On the other hand, and depending on the subject that concerned, it may be necessary that it is handed down in a physical place specially prepared for teaching and not in a classroom as usual. Subjects such as gymnastics or biology, tend to require outdoor space and a laboratory, respectively, to be taught.
That concerns us is a word that has several synonyms, although undoubtedly you will use most is the stuff that allows us to refer to a field of study that involves a branch of knowledge which is usually studied in an educational institution and that is taught by a teacher who has a very broad knowledge on the same as the subject.
It is worth mentioning, that a student, graduate, complete a program of studies, must approve all subjects with a score equal to or higher than the minimum level considered.
By his side, unresolved issue is a phrase from popular usage that people used in the colloquial language to indicate that project or plan still not done, done, done, but about which you have hopes and expectations meet him finally. Study dance is a pending matter in my life.

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