What is the meaning of Traffic accident? Concept, Definition of Traffic accident

Definition of Traffic accident

1 Meaning of Traffic accident

The concept of road accident is one that is used to refer to the facts or claims which take place in public and that have to do with different types of vehicles. Road accidents are one of the leading causes of death worldwide since issues like imprudence, lack of respect for the road laws, the poor state of the roads and highways in some countries, the non-existence of laws and others contribute to this situation.
The road accidents always involve vehicles, these cars, trucks, bikes, buses, or others. In some cases, road accidents take place between two or more different vehicles, while in other cases they confront a vehicle with a passerby or pedestrian (who is always inferior conditions compared with the vehicle). Normally, when any type of road accident happens occur injured and, in cases in which the loss is severe or very violent deaths. In addition, also different types of damage to the vehicles involved, are generated whether these direct participants or not.
One of the major causes of road accidents is recklessness or of drivers or vehicles responsible for unconsciousness. Facts such as driving at high speeds, not respecting red lights, not to give way to pedestrians, trying to pass vehicles in places not allowed, driving under the influence of narcotics or alcohol, failure to follow the road rules both in urban areas as rural are certainly lacking in seriousness that can generate very high hazard accidents not only for those who drive but also for those who move with the same vehicle (i.e.(, companions) and even other individuals that do not act irresponsibly but who are in the same space.

2. Definition of Traffic accident

It means car accident (sometimes also as traffic accident statement) to those acts in which one or more vehicles are involved generating material damage as also human. Traffic accidents are more numerous and common if we bear in mind that much of the world's population is mobilized in motor vehicles in crowded transport routes where conditions of climate, the State of routes or even responsibility and common sense of drivers are poor.
It is considered that traffic accidents are one of the main forms of death in the world because while today in day use up these vehicles is very important in comparison to other historical epochs. The current human uses long time to move from home to work or to other spaces, thus also to travel or have breakfast. On the other hand, vehicles of all types (cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, bikes) are more modern and have characteristics that should be used to the benefit of the user (as for example, reaching a higher speed in shortest time) but that often end up being the cause of the same accidents by the irresponsible owners make use of them.
Traffic accidents may occur for several reasons. Some are unpredictable and not measurable or avoidable by the human being, for example as with climatic conditions. However, the man can take precautions that often are not taken into account (for example, non-circular on days of rain, wet pavement or in areas of collapse or fall of stones).
Other causes have to do with the mere negligence and irresponsibility of drivers, as it is the case of driving without a seat belt placed, unless the vehicle has the required technical verification, without sleep, alcohol, etc. All these situations increase the chances of some kind of accident that can generate human injury very severe (even death), as well as also serious material losses.

3 Concept of Traffic accident

An accident is a violent event that occurs unintentionally, through the work of chance and that causes damage, without controlling it. Called road traffic in many cases would have been prevented if preventive measures had been taken, and are only accidental by not being malicious but contracted by mere negligence. We can only call accident to very specific cases such as when a lightning strike may fall on the vehicle, or a tree by a very violent storm; looked at from the side of the pedestrian, that for example still on the sidewalk is run over by a vehicle, or when crossing while the traffic light was red; or if being conductive it atropellase a pedestrian who crossed without care and unexpectedly when it was not him.
They are generally found by mechanical failure of the vehicles, or oversights, as driving distracted; or carelessness (talking by cell phone, drunken driving, carry a child or a pet near or over, go to too much speed, etc).
They include traffic accidents by means of air, River, sea and land, these being the most numerous by the higher number of vehicles who choose this way of transit, roads.
Who causes an accident is liable to suffer legal consequences to being sued and sentenced in civil and/or criminal prosecution and may have to repair the damages in the first case, or punished with deprivation of liberty in the second, when for example as a result of the accident, someone lost his life.

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