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Definition of cake

1 Meaning of cake

According to the dictionary of the Real Academia Española, cake or tart it is a 'mass of flour and butter, baked, which ordinarily is wrapped, cream or sweet, and sometimes fruit, fish or meat'.
Cakes are the most greasy and sweet baking products. The production of cakes large scale is facilitated when the Baker has appropriate and well-balanced formulas, weighs the ingredients accurately and well understood basic mixing techniques.
However in the old Spanish cuisine books cake name applies only to one who has the puff pastry; If it is otherwise (usually with a mass similar to that of bread and savory filling), is called empanada, and in some, «pie crisp». Depending on the size, it distinguished between the (small) cake, cake (individual) and the pie (for many people).
Cake is the name given in Spain to certain size sweet cake, cake or pastry; on the contrary, in almost all Latin countries is known as 'cake', with the exception of Mexico, where cake is a salty type sandwich. Colombia, which is also called 'ponque or cake' (a transliteration of the English term pound cake); or in Ecuador where it prevails the name of cake and ice cream fillings are known as cakes and in Panama is known simply as 'sweet'. In Latin America, as well as in Spain, also called tart or cake to a food of puff pastry wrapping something not necessarily sweet (cake cream, sweet, fruit, fish or meat). On the other hand, the sponge cake (always sweet-tasting) is called in most Spanish-speaking countries - except Spain - using a word derived from the loan of the English «cake», such as «cake», «which», «keke», etc. Spain uses the term cake to refer to some other desserts and cakes in General, and specifically to refer to French-style sweets (millefeuille, meringues,...) usually made of mass of small size taken for dessert or celebrations. In Venezuela, a cake usually tends to be salty (examples: chucho, tuna, shark, etc.), while the cake is always fresh.

2. Definition of cake

Although the notion of cake has several uses, its most frequent use is linked to the kitchen. A cake is a type of dough which often forms with water, lard or butter and flour and that can be filled with sweet or savory food. The cake should be cooked in the oven so that the mass (and, occasionally, filling) is not raw.
For example: "tonight we will dine a meatloaf", "Would you like a slice of strawberry pie?", "Beatriz passed me the recipe for cake lemon and Mint that her grandmother made".
Occasionally, the term cake is used as a synonym of pie or cake. It should be noted that, according to different specific characteristics of each preparation, the cake may also receive other names. When it comes to a small cake, may appoint as a cupcake or cake: "In my country, we celebrate the day of independence with Quince Brownies," "today I ate four banana cakes".
If cake dough resembles the bread and the filling is salty, the preparation is called pie. Arguably, therefore, that the pies are individual cakes that can be stuffed with beef, chicken, cheese, fish and other ingredients.
Cake is also an adjective that applies to Dim colors, which represent a milder version of other tones. The blue and pink are some of the most popular pastel colors.
In the colloquial language, finally, is mentioned as cake-something that can be distributed among several: "If I am to be a part of this business, I want my slice of the cake".

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