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Definition of Control

1 Meaning of Control

As well, this time are not in front of a term that comes from the latin, but making it a French word, check, which has meant intervention, verification, audit or inspection. We are alluding to the Control Word, which pursuant to various illustrated encyclopedic dictionary, is defined as the action of control; examine, inspect, check; or Government, domain, address. At the same time, it may also refer to regulation on a system.
In another, and taking into account the technological growth evidenced in the course of the last few years, can not mention to the Remote Control. It is the electronic device that allows remote operation of a device or a particular machine. Usually, this term is used to refer to the remote control that is used for electronic appliances home (like the DVD for example); It also serves to open the door of the parking lot, turn on or turn off a switch or give to an alarm activation. Between the physical characteristics of these devices stand, usually being small in size and are composed of buttons to adjust different values. Linked with this last, in the case of a TV, it is possible to change the channel or lower or raise the volume among other actions.
In another, it is also common to hear talk of the Control Tower. In this case is a building that has, in fact, as a tower from which it is possible to control the traffic of an airport. Of course within this construction, in its upper part is where is located the control room, since the height is vital to be able to view the area or areas to be controlled. On the other hand, we can not fail to mention checkpoint. Usually, it's the unit, Office or Office where controls something. For example, on many highways every certain amount of miles is common to observe a road checkpoint.

Control synonyms

At the time of the synonyms of the term in question to attend, can take into account these: registration, verification, examination, observation, inspection, address, Government, control, authority, power and dominance among others.

2. Definition of Control

The control word comes from the French Contrôle, and refers to any process or action that seeks to inspect, adjust, check or intervene. The control can be applied to almost anything, almost always looking to give an order defined and understandable, although not always beneficial or practical. The imposition of controls is also known with the word regulation, as in "With the new laws, the State will impose regulations on banks" or "We must regulate the felling of trees".
In other contexts, is also called control to the remote control, which is a device that allows to control remotely, functions and actions of a machine or device. The most common are remote controls to control the TV, which are used to avoid approaching the device whenever you want to change the channel, raise the volume or any other operation. On other machines, as in the industrial, remote controls are also a safety feature, allowing operate hazardous processes without having to intervene directly.
In production processes, is called quality control all those protocols and procedures necessary to verify and ensure the quality of the final product. Some products are only analyzed in a sample, i.e., a sample of a larger production is taken to determine their quality, while in others, the check is performed piece by piece, using computer techniques and personal inspectors. Products that do not meet the quality controls are eliminated. The production of cell phones, for example, quality control checks its operation and that the device has no physical damage from factory.
In the development of drugs, called control group to a group of people who is administered a drug placebo, in order to measure the effectiveness of the actual product, which is applied to another group of patients.

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