What is the meaning of Employment benefits? Concept, Definition of Employment benefits

Definition of employee benefits

1 Meaning of employee benefits

Means the incentive benefits gives a company to its employees, with the purpose of motivating to a sense of belonging payroll by the company or organization, protecting the same employee of unforeseen risk and helping in the improvement of quality of personal, social and family life.
These are additions to the salary or wages of each employee, paid by employers in money or in kind. Benefits are contributions to social security, private pensions, boxes help to birth of children, bonuses for performance, educational grants, grants for kindergartens, is there really a universe very wide in what refers to non-mandatory employee benefits.
There are others which are rights of workers, such as utilities; refers to the payment of utilities annually, usually it is cancelled at the end of each fiscal year. This is estimated under a tab as stipulated by the Government of each country or region.
It is not rare to find cases in which the employee seeks a job you provide a greater benefit in performance than what is perceived in salary.

2. Definition of employee benefits

While in a relationship born of a contract of employment there as obligation, performance by both WWII (employee and employer) for being a sinalagmatico contract where both parties agree to do or put at the disposal of the other in terms of their work force and the other to give a decent sum of money in compensation and commensurate with the work donerespecting the minimum wages in force.
However, in the field of labour law known as employment benefits to deliveries which the employer gives employees, in material things or services in addition to the payment of wages, which is the essential provision, which must inevitably be in money; and that integrate compensation, as supplementary benefits.
They can be for instance, ticket for travel expenses, housing, purchase vouchers, etc., but which as a whole cannot represent one sum greater than 30% of the remuneration which is entitled to the worker.
There are other employment benefits that receives the employee from their employer, are not interchangeable for money, which are the benefits of social security, which are also indispensable. They integrate these social benefits, mess facilities provided by the company, the provision of work clothing, overalls and school supplies for their children, to be delivered at the beginning of each school year; payment of courses or seminars of specialization or training of the worker, the costs of drugs and other health services, their dependants funeral expenses, and child care services.

3 Concept of employment benefits

The performance is nothing more than things, facilities, or services that an employer gives to its workers in addition to the stipulated wage.
It is a little difficult to express a definition of the term "Benefits", in this work, for the breadth and diversity of services and support that can promote the well-being of the worker.
A definition more finished would be if we say that the performance is all action management, well rests on legal, statutory or administrative provisions aimed to offer workers financial assistance or social service, in addition to his salary, in order to reduce the expenditure of the employee, encourage their development and create satisfactory conditions of work.
There are different types of benefits such as:
  • Benefits of health service
  • Economic incentives
  • Conditions of work
  • Power
  • Economic security
  • Education, culture and recreation
  • Housing
  • Special incentives

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