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Definition of Plan

1 Meaning of Plan

Once again, as on so many previous occasions, we are bumping us here with a masculine noun. Throughout this article we are going to be emphasizing the word Plan. With respect to it, if we are to find its explanation in a dictionary, most likely is that in its first meaning is tell us that it's an idea or project to get or achieve any question. To illustrate, we would say: my plan is to go back to my home town once you have finished studying and I receive.

As mentioned above, the plan well could be considered as the result of an idea, which is usually intended to achieve an optimal organization. One of the possibilities is to take form of written document in which we will try to capture not only the central idea, but also goals, strategies, guidelines and policies that move. At the same time, also will take a key role instruments, mechanisms and to be used for the objectives and actions that have been that motivated the elaboration of such a plan.
It is evidence that all thought and developed Plan is completed to becoming a highly effective tool for future business. For instance, many of them before as such, flock to the company Plan. With the Manage position and realize if viable, cost-effective initiatives that arise, whether they propose short, medium or long term. One of the central objectives of the plan lies in avoiding unnecessary spending, either to avoid wasting time on projects that are in advance already unviable.
Continuing with the so-called plan of company in any of them are considered vital these actions: characterize the service or product which is intended to offer; curriculum vitae of those who participate in it; analysis of the market in which it will work; mechanisms of financing and financial forecast.
In another completely different, called Plan to a fleeting affair.
Plan synonyms
In regards to its synonyms, can be considered these: idea, intention, purpose, project, program; machination, conspiracy; draft, sketch, point, sketch, design; roll, link.

2. Definition of Plan

A plan is a series of steps or certain procedures, seeking to achieve a goal or purpose. The process of designing a plan is known as planning or planning, and broadly, planning consists in defining clearly the objectives and actions to be taken to achieve them.
The plans, to require the preparation and the delimitation of steps, are an essential part of intelligent behavior. Said, could add that planning requires complex mental operations as the prediction of scenarios and how to react to them. The capacity plan is considered to be one of the so-called executive functions of the brain, and even a relationship has been found between the difficulty to carry out plans and damage to the frontal lobe.
Planning is essential in many aspects of everyday life. Any objective that we set up, is convenient to first trace it on a plan and define steps to comply with it. Similarly, planning is practically a fundamental pillar in the business world. In a company, whether small or a large corporation, create plans for future expansion is a common practice and even recommended.
In enterprises, plans more common are business plans and marketing plans. The first give a solid business model, growth objectives and long term, and, although it is advisable to always have one regardless of the size of the company, it is very useful for companies just start by facilitates giving the first steps and the search for potential investors. Moreover, the market plan defines the company's efforts to promote their products. Almost always, these plans elaborated this plan on a yearly basis, and in them are detailed marketing plans for the year ahead. Anyway, the ultimate goal with both plans is to increase profits and the efficiency of the organization.

3 Concept of Plan

A plan is an intention or a project. It is a systematic model produced before taking action, with the aim of directing it and launch it. In this sense, a plan is also a notice requiring the details needed to perform a work.
An economic plan is responsible for the management of the economic activity of a company, a sector or a region.
An investment plan sets the target that will be given to the financial resources of a company.
A plan of works allows you to anticipate and execute works for part of the technicians and public administrations. The notion of service plan has a similar meaning.
A pension plan organizes the contributions to receive a regular income at the time of retirement, disability, widowhood, orphanhood or survival.
A curriculum is the set of teachings and practices that must be placed to complete a course of study and earn a degree.
On the other hand, a plan is a fleeting affair: "I have a plan for tonight". The term is used in the colloquial language to refer to a purpose or an attitude: "I would like to plan romantic with her out".
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