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Definition of artifice

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1. Concept of artifice

I artifice s. m.
1. Machine or appliance: invented an artifice to separate the whites from the yolks.
2 Trick or skill to imitate a thing, hide their imperfections or produce an effect: his remorse is only a trick to get the sympathy of others.
3. In a work of art, making excess and lack of naturalness.
4 Master with which something is made.
5 Pyrotechnic system able to cause explosive effects.
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m. art, skill with which something is made.
Machine or device.
Fig.Concealment, fold.
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2 Meaning of artifice

The artifice is a term used to refer to different issues.
One of the most widespread uses of the word is to indicate an art, a skill or ingenuity with which something is done. This sense is frequently used when for example an artist noted for the imprint that has attributed to one of his works. The author has put much artifice to his new book.
Among various synonyms found for this sense of the term stands of ability. A skill is the ability, a talent that has to carry out an activity or task and which will then make it a success. You have artifice, to have skill, is seen as having competence and expertise in the realization of something.
An individual can have artifice in different fields of life, on a social level, in their work, in sport, in the communication issue, among many others.
On the other hand, when there is a predominance of the artistic production across the natural, also spoken of artifice. Now, this sense of the term which proposes to indicate is present in artistic excess and that helps take the work, creation, design, their spontaneity and naturalness.
Another use of the word is as a synonym for invention of a machine, a device.
And in the colloquial language when we say that someone acted with artifice, it will mean that he has done so with great dissimulation and stealth. With much artifice it avoided making statements to the press.
With respect to the antonyms of the word, there are two good concrete, on the one hand of naturalness that is precisely opposed to the sense that spoke of artifice as excess. Naturalness means spontaneity in the behavior. And clumsiness is the concept that opposed the ability.