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Definition of Benumbed

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1. Concept of Benumbed

torn,-da adj. That is very distressed by a very intense physical or moral pain: weary of penalty. sorrowful, sorry.
Manual of the Vox Spanish language dictionary. © 2007 Larousse Editorial, S.L.
adj. distressed, sorrowful.
Fig.Weak and ridiculous in how to behave and spend.
Vox encyclopedic dictionary 1. © 2009 Larousse Editorial, S.L.
torn, holding
distraught and heartbroken, desazonado.
Dictionary of synonyms and antonyms of the Vox Spanish language Manual. © 2007 Larousse Editorial, S.L.

2 Meaning of Benumbed

1 Fatigued, heartbroken or consumed any penalty, distress, or need.
2. Miserable, poor and ridiculous in how to behave and spend.

Transir participle

The curious adjective that we are discussing today is the participle of the verb transir, which means spending, end or dying - even if it is currently in disuse, and is used to describe someone who is finished, extremely fatigued or consumed by the need to...

Weary perhaps an uncommon adjective in the spoken language, however it is used widely in our literature, to be without a doubt a very expressive Word, as it shows El Lazarillo de Tormes (1554 anonymous Spanish novel):

And turned back to tell my troubles and laugh with them, and me, sinner to mourn them. With all this, dieronme to eat, I was weary of hunger, and I might just remedy. So little little, on the fifteenth day I woke up and was out of danger (but not without hunger) and half healthy
Likewise, César Abraham Vallejo Mendoza (1892-1938) poet and Peruvian journalist, considered one of the great innovators of twentieth-century poetry, uses our voice today in his posthumous poems

Torn, Solomonic, decent.
You howl; composed, thoughtful, cadaveric, I perjuro,
I was going, it became, it answered; osaba
Fateful, Scarlet, irresistible...

3. Definition of Benumbed

Synonym for the word: torn
torn [adjective]
meaning: weighed down
overwhelmed, anxious, consumed, aterido, ice cream, pierced
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Other synonyms of the word
aterido [adjective]
meaning: cold
ice cream, frozen, torn, frigid
hungry [adjective]
meaning: needed
weary, hungry, eager
breathless [adjective]
meaning: put down
restless, tired, weary, exhausted