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Definition of Burning Chapel

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1. Concept of burning Chapel

Key of the burning Chapel

1-. The term "Burning chapel" corresponds to a tribute that performs a character's important political, cultural, among others, who have died.

2-. Is it organized before the funeral of the person so it is honored by his followers.

3-. You can be in religious spaces or but in large centres where the follower public access.

4-. The "Chapel of burning" consists of light ornament which can be candles or lamps, that surround the coffin of the deceased and will have a space for those who wish to pray.

2 Meaning of burning Chapel

He is called burning chapel or also ardente, one that maintains street lighting on the basis of the sacrament, or cause permanent kept or found exposed them to worship or religious care of the faithful, the body or relics of a Saint or the sarcophagus of a Prince or other character.
Currently, burning hoods are mounted after the death of a popular character from the world of culture, politics, or other for the veneration of his admirers or faithful. Is it organized before the funeral resting in the late of this body. They are organized both in religious buildings and other large venues as sports centres, cultural centres and, even, in cinemas or theatres in such a way that the public has enough space for the visit.
The burning Chapel is a set of ornaments, some of them bright, today electric used during a wake or funeral, in order to simulate sails and thus honoring the recently deceased before burying it or cremated. The burning Chapel is basically formed by two rows of electric lamps in the form of candles, in the Middle the coffin with the body of the deceased, a reclinario for those wishing to pray and a Christ in anterior to the coffin, these two elements are usually given in Catholic or Protestant chapels.

3. Definition of burning Chapel

The burning Chapel is nothing more than a name given to the set of ornaments, which typically are bright, currently used electricity, during the process of wake or funeral, and thus simulate the candles to honor the deceased person before burying it or cremated. Its configuration is based on two rows of electric candles-shaped lamps, in half is a Christ, a kneeler for those wishing to perform prayers, and the corpse of the deceased in the wall.