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Definition of Cartel

Meeting of OPEC in Kuwait.

1 Meaning of poster

Economics is called poster or poster to a formal agreement between companies in the same sector, whose purpose is to reduce or eliminate competition in a particular market. Posters are usually aimed to develop control over production and distribution in such a way that through the collusion of the companies that formed it, these form a structure of market monopoly, gaining power over the market in which to obtain the greatest possible benefits to the detriment of consumers. For this reason, the consequences for these are the same as with a monopolist. The difference is that the total benefits (as the most possible get in the market) are distributed among the producers. Its main activities focus on pricing, limited supply available, divide the market and share the benefits. Today, the term is usually applied to the agreements that regulate competition in international trade.
Defenders of the posters claim that they help to stabilize the markets, to reduce production costs, to eliminate high tariffs, to equitably distribute the benefits and benefit consumers. His detractors point out that, when there is no competition, prices are higher and lower supply. Today it is considered that its disadvantages outweigh its advantages and are often set legal limits to restrict the development of new posters.
Poster (illicit organization)
Poster or poster are the terms that relate to a large illicit organization or a set of criminal organizations that establish agreements of self-protection, collaboration and sharing of territories (places) to carry out their criminal activities.
In the United States of America, the term with which they identify criminal organizations is that of "mafias", distinguishing itself in the first place the "Italian Mafia", but extensively are also designated the "Russian mafia" "Chinese Mafia" among other things, it should be noted that the so-called "Mexican Mafia" refers to an American organization whose members are basically "chicano".
In the case of the native criminal organizations of Latin American countries, are called to these unchanging way as posters.

2. Definition of Cartel

He is designated with the term sign on that sheet of paper, cardboard or other material that can be placed in a shopping mall, business the very via public and has as destination information or advertisements on any issue or any product or service.
In the case of business, shopping malls or supermarkets, posters can have two purposes very specific and dissimilar between, on the one hand, to promote the purchase of products that are offered there, for example with legends and inscriptions that take into account special offers and discounts, or direct to the customer in the place, through signs of different sections or departments that have, or in the specific case of supermarkets, the sectors in which they have grouped their goods, dairy products, hygiene, drinks, meats, birds, among others, and among the most common.
Also, posters can be used to promote cultural activities and performances such as sports events, concerts, movies, fairs, exhibitions and circuses and in this case are placed in the vicinity of the area in which the event takes place or in places with large influx of visitors.
In recent decades, the cartels have also been an important resource and strategy that have political parties to promote their candidates in pre-election time on your hand.
Since the second half of the 19th century, the poster became one of the principal means to promote or realize something and of course in this century as a result that still television and radio nor were a project, posters in horse-drawn carriages, in the Windows of the stores were the medium in advertising by excellence of those times.
One of the most widely used posters modalities are currently the light than in the dark and using a sophisticated electrical system ignited a series of neon tubes contained in a plastic housing and thus the name of a restaurant, the brand of a business can light up poly field, with the aim of attracting looks at night.
Although they are most common in places that offer meals as bars or restaurants, also, some sections of supermarkets you can find illuminated for better distinction with this type of signage.

3 Concept of poster

A poster in economics is an agreement whereby different companies competing in a same field meet to reach agreements which sets a cessation in the competition, thus leading to the market, similar products with cooperation among them. Enterprises, generally are founded under capitalist concepts, start with a project of overlap with other brands in the market, but cartels are more like a tool for inclusion to the market, where large and small companies have the opportunity to take a spectrum of the market. The poster of a type of product is produced when this demand is high, it happens that the marketing offers a product, but the consumer calls for more variety, so companies are forced to cooperate.
Poster not only creates between companies in order to meet a demand, also posters that involved make large profits, tax evasion or replacement of tariffs, one of the most prominent is giving way to new brands and companies these regulate the passage of tax to the leading brands, thus distributing the tax rate. In some cases, brands reach agreements to collaborate more directly with companies in second hand, with the aim of covering the demand for the product with production of second hand (at low cost).
The most common signs are those seen in the oil sector, companies that usually represent a full country meet publicly at conventions as the organised by OPEC (Organization of petroleum exporting countries) to Exchange results of the agreements that you have with countries that do not export, calculations of the profit margin, distribute the buyers by region so sellers have an equitable with respect to the other client and his production capacity and many more. There are cartel-like agreements between the companies that distribute soft drinks and beer in the country, this, with the aim to which distributes directly to the client, you have variety for the consumer.

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