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Definition of character

1 Meaning of character

Character is the word that we will put the accent throughout this article. The term in question, as a high percentage of which they boarded at the site, also etymologically speaking derives from the latin character. As well, as it often happens with many words in our language, character has different applications meant. Of course that they vary according to the context in which cite it. To start, we could well indicate that it is those qualities that make it possible for a person to distinguish from others.
Continuing as recently explained, it is convenient to clarify and to note that the character is not only something unique of the human race. In this sense, it would have to refer to animals, which also have their character. In fact, for instance, not all dogs or cats behave the same way. Graphing and be somewhat clearer, could indicate two comparative sentences: no, me to the House of my neighbor did not enter or crazy, you have a huge dog with a horrible character, already bit two people. While we would also say: the cat of my sister is divine, occurs with everyone, distrustful typical character that tend to have the most cats do not have.
Meanwhile, moving us to the level of human beings, is common it also counteracts or the type of character of each other. Referred to this, to that individual who is usually show tough, serious and extremely firm on his ideals usually it categorized as someone of strong character. On the other hand, is character missing from those people who are easily manipulated by others or not shown steadfast in their values or behaviors.
In another, a sign of score, a numerical digit or symbol that is also used for representation of a letter is called character.

Character synonym

In what has to do with their synonyms, could be considered these: expression, appearance, aspect; way, temple, spirit, nature, genius, status, personality, nature; will, severity and firmness.

2. Definition of character

The word character presents an extended usage in our language and usually it apply for various issues.
One of the most widely used applications is to refer to the series of psychic and emotional qualities that presents an individual and that will of course affect their behavior, thoughts, actions, among others.
Also, this sense of the Word can be applied to groups, communities, among other social groups. The character of the Argentine people are usually very cyclothymic political.
It should be noted that these characteristics that define the action and thought of someone are that will determine the way in which that person will tend to act in a particular circumstance. Further, that melodies it and will do that for example, in relation to another individual, acting otherwise, precisely because of those conditions.
On the other hand, the word character serves to express the condition that something or someone and that is that which makes it unique and different from others. The wood of the table is solid, you won't find something similar.
Other recurring use we attach it to the term is to indicate conditions such as the firmness and energy that someone presents. Your child has much character do not think that you perform well with mine, it's equal in that sense.
This word is also used to indicate that footprint, brand, spiritual type as a lived experience or a knowledge leaves printed on a person's soul.
At the behest of typography, the word character holds a use given popular hyper which in this way is called a letter or sign with which make up a Word, sentence, phrase, among others.
Other examples in which the newly mentioned sense presents a great presence also in computer science, since the signs that comprise just a word known popularly as characters. Still, it is usual that when he is responsible for some work through a text-editing program will indicate the number of characters at least that it should be. Even at the bottom of the program window in question appears an indicator that just counts the number of characters entered.

3 Concept of character

The character is making special and differential to an object, an animal or a person, or a group of people. Also called character quality that one thing is owned, or a right is exercised. For example "Come to claim for the qualification of student Juan Pérez, in my capacity as his father"; or "I have this thing in my possession as owner". Another meaning but plural, characters, are the letters that make up a Word. For instance, the word friend has five characters, or also called as well, to the used font.
The character of a person or personality, is what identifies it as different from the others in its feel, express themselves and act. It is a printed mark that determines its actions, formed by genetic traits (temperament) and influence of the environment.
They influence the character; emotions (emotional reaction more or less to a stimulus); activity: there are people who react more actively to the situation and another in more passive or resigned; and the impact, which is the capacity of each response. Thus, qualify more active people and more prone to emotion as passionate, and less active and emotional, as flematicas. On the other hand, they are sentimental, even though they are moving, have a more passive behaviour.
We commonly say that a person is nervous when restless, and is left to master their emotions in their reactions, they are sometimes aggressive. The blood individual socially is cold and calculating.
It speaks about a person with character, when it refers to someone who knows to impose their decisions, is energetic and not bow in the face of adversity, or to the criticism.

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