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1. Compact concept

The compact disc (popularly known as CD by the acronym for Compact Disc) is a digital optical media used to store any type of information (audio, images, video, documents and other data). In Spanish you can write CD (and pronounce) because it has been accepted and lexicalizada its pronunciation by use; in much of Latin America is pronounced [sidi], as in English, but the Association of academies of the Spanish language discouraged - in his dictionary panhispanic - that pronunciation. CD-ROM (from CD-ROM) is also accepted. Today, it remains the physical environment for the distribution of audio.
Standard CDs have a diameter of 12 cm and can store up to 80 minutes of audio (or 700 MB of data). The MiniCD have 8 cm and they are used for the distribution of simple and drivers saving up to 24 minutes of audio or 214 MB of data.
This technology was later expanded and adapted for the storage of data (CD-ROM), video (VCD and SVCD), the home recording (CD-r / CD-RW) and mixed data (CD-I), Photo CD, and CD-EXTRA storage.
The compact disc is popular in today's world. In 2007, 200 billion CDs in the world had sold since its creation. Even so, compact discs are complemented with other types of digital distribution and storage, such as USB drives, SD cards or hard disks (HDD and SSD). From its peak in 2000, CD sales have declined by around 50%.
The optical system was developed by Philips while reading and digital coding was provided by Sony, was presented in June 1980 to the industry, and adhered to the new product 40 companies around the world by obtaining the appropriate licenses for the production of discs and players.
In 1981, conductor Herbert Von Karajan convinced of the value of the CDs, promoted them during the Salzburg Festival, and from that moment began their success. The first titles recorded on compact discs in Europe were the Alpine Symphony by Richard Strauss, the Frédéric Chopin waltzes played by the Chilean pianist Claudio Arrau, and The Visitors of the ABBA album, in 1983 there would be the first compact disc in the United States by CBS (now Sony Music), being the first title on the market an album of Billy Joel. The production of compact discs focused for several years in the United States and Germany, which were distributed worldwide.
It was in October 1982 when, Sony and Philips started to sell the CD.
In 1984 came to the world of computing, allowing you to store up to 650 MB. The diameter of the central hole of the CDs was determined in 15 mm, when between meals, the creators were inspired by the diameter of 10 cents from the Netherlands guilder coin. On the other hand, the diameter of compact discs is 12 cm, which corresponds to the width of the pockets of shirts for men, because according to the philosophy of Sony, everything should fit there.

2 Meaning of Compact

Is it defined as compact (from the latin compactus) those solids that have a texture that is tight and, therefore, very porous. Strictly speaking, it would be a successful definition, but the word has other meanings depending on the context in which using him, although mostly retains the sense of something that occupies or has a reduced space.
For example, referred to as compact disc to a physical medium used to store digital information. These, as their name indicates, possess a form of disk and are used by devices designed to read the information they contain. They are especially popular for storing music, and today they remain the best known way of distributing this type of material, while in recent years digital media have taken away market share at leaps and bounds. In the field of music, it is also common to refer to a compact to talk about devices that have many different ways of playing sound.
To small cars are known as compact cars. These are characterised by achieve radically reduce the use of fuel due to its small size, besides that they are simpler to operate in cities of high congestion. The compact cars also tend to be more economical, and due to the rise in gasoline prices these have become increasingly popular since a few years ago.
Work in team, says that those groups of people who work very together and coordinated are compact groups. It is common to hear this sense in sporting terms, such as "the coach has managed to form a compact, capable of breaking any defensive during the match attack".

3. Definition of Compact

From the Latin word compactus and the past participle of the verb compingere, which means to unite or join, comes from the Compact term which, in today and in general terms, is used to define a body or dense element and texture tight. Thus, for example, it speaks of mahogany components are more compact than the del pino.
In this case, we can say that it can operate as a synonym for adjectives such as dense, packed or solid.
But, sometimes, also we get to use this concept to try to make reference to a train people is United and working in a project coordinated and solid way. In this way, it is common to make use of the term which occupies us to express that "the defence of that football team is very compact and leaves no approaching fronts to small area".
In the field of technology, on the other hand, it is also frequent to appear the word compact, to such an extent that is already associated with various electronic devices inextricably. It is thus, a compact disc or a compact music system. And this is done to try to define a disc that brings together globally to a broad set of content or a team comprised of several devices that act as one single, respectively.