What is the meaning of Complicated? Concept, Definition of Complicated

Definition, Concept, Meaning, What is Complicated

1. Concept of complicated

Complicated is a term for recurrent use in our language, and that allows us to express issues.
What stands out for being difficult to understand, capture by our reason, we say that it is complicated.
It is generally applied on issues, for example, a math problem, the operation of a computer, among other alternatives. This question is that in these cases will be required, to understand the complicated situation, help someone expert who guide us or, in the case of an artifact, upon reading an instruction manual that explain step by step the operation in question.
On the other hand, a compound which is formed by a huge number of parts designates it is normally through this word.
And also tend to apply the word in relation to individuals when we want to give is that a person has a character and a behavior which we are not easy to understand or accept. Juan is a very complicated man, always ends up crashing with all their relations.
Synonyms most used for this word, no doubt, include that of complex that precisely refers to that which is composed of several elements of the same or different and in addition to the one or what is difficult to understand.
Meanwhile, the word which is directly opposed to the complicated is simple, because it concerns the opposite, that which is easy and that does not have any complications.
It should be noted that this term is used many times in relation to another: that of complexity, which involves the quality of the complex. Thus when refers to the complexity of such or which thing you want to in final accounts express the different parts, edges, which make up an issue and as such is little simple to understand and unravel.
As well as to the concept of complexity, we tend of complicated to apply in different contexts, in the natural sciences, in social and of course, as we deployed lines above, in relation to individuals.