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Definition of constant

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1. Concept of constant

What is (that it is apparent or is registered) is constant or has evidence (certainly, perseverance). One thing constant is durable, repeated or persistent. For example: "the constant effort of the American led him to another victory in the tournament", "my grandfather always tells me that, to be successful in business, one must be consistent and not give up in the face of adversity", "Estudiantes de La Plata is the most constant Argentine team of recent years".
For mathematics, a constant is a quantity which is fixed in a particular calculation, process or equation set. This means that the constant is a permanent value that cannot be changed within a certain context. Typically, it relates a variable (whose values yes cannot be modified).
A physical constant is the unchanging value of a physical quantity over time. The speed of light in a vacuum (299,792,458 m/s) is an example of a physical constant.
When it exists, at least in theory, a constant speed, travel times can be estimated. If a car travels at a constant speed of 100 kilometers per hour, it takes four hours to go through a journey of 400 kilometers. As constant speed does not exist in practice, it is usual that this type of estimates occurs with speed or speed average.
In the field of computer programming, a constant is that value that can not be modified during the execution of a program. It is, therefore, a fixed length in a quiet area in the computer's memory.

2 Meaning of constant

Constant, is a term used in mathematics constantly, their application is found in almost all matters of calculation and numbers that exist, because it's a fixed value, a preset value that defines a magnitude, size or proportion. A constant as its etymology suggests, is a value that remains in the same amount or number permanently. If a variable is given a value of constant instead of a function, this will only serve to represent its actual meaning and in one possible case, be substituted for the resolution of a problem through the use of formulas and connections.
In subjects such as physics and chemistry, the constants have a great importance, its use is essential to the resolution of problems, there are hundreds of constant values that serve as reference and support in preparing alternative solutions to exercises, constants as gravity, the pH of a solution, constant area and volume are the most used by engineering students and other races.
An arbitrary constant is a constant that is placed piece, by own selection, i.e. without following a criterion specific. The constant of integration is a symbol that is added to the total response, usually at the end of the integration process is represented with the letter C or K, if the integral is defined, by the fundamental theorem of calculus you can find the value of the constant.
In another order of ideas, the concept of constant implies its derivation more direct and proportional "Constancy" word which means steadfastness and perseverance in the resolutions of conflicts and goals. Be constant in a purpose is not to leave it up to comply with it, the record of a person in an established work represent a commitment. There are actions that be constant is the main tool to achieve a good result in the kitchen for example, foods that require a constant fire mixture so they can get to the point that it should as the pastry cream, which if it is not constant movement remain as cement.

3. Definition of constant

The constant Word supports various applications in our language.
What does not change but rather is characterized by is enduring over time will be considered as constant. The rain is constant since last week, the truth that has all of our delayed activities.
On the other hand, when someone is said to be constant what will be highlighting is its firmness and perseverance when it comes to acting, especially in the light of the achievement of objectives and goals in your life. Maria is so consistent with their studies all believe that it will receive ahead of time.
Most popular synonym that we apply to this sense of the term is tenacious, indicating precisely to that person who is firm and stubborn when it comes to fulfill a mission that longs for.
Also, we use the word to indicate what is repeated. John is very mischievous, steadily I must be warned that if it does not match the class I warning. Bad luck in love is a constant in my life.
Another use of the term that concerns us is given at the behest of the field of mathematics to refer to the variable that has a value fixed, permanent, in a process or calculation, or remains the same, does not vary over time.
In physics it is also possible that we find this type of constant type variables, being one of the most classical and clear examples of the speed of light, since it remains constant and equal, regardless of the conditions presented.
In computer science, more precisely in the programming, there are also constant variables, i.e. values that are fixed and that in any way may be changed while lasts the execution of a program. The variable information is stored in a protected area of the computer's memory.
Note that the term which is at odds is inconstant because it indicates precisely that or that which is not stable or permanent but that on the contrary, changes with ease either behavior, thought, emotion, among other issues.