What is the meaning of Coverage? Concept, Definition of Coverage

Definition of coverage


1 Meaning of coverage

The word coverage means the effect of cover, place a blanket or fill some total or partially (partial or total coverage). In the first case we talk about coverage for example a cake, to which cover with chocolate, meringue, cream or fondant to decorate them. There is a specific chocolate therefore called "chocolate coverage".
In meteorology refers to cloud coverage when we see the sky with abundant clouds, which gives it a whitish color.
Social works or insurance for certain diseases or claims respectively, is called coverage for risks that are achieved by the protection and to individuals who become beneficiaries. Example: "the working risk coverage reaches all employees of the company, before claims occurring on the occasion of the work".
The expression "coverage of the information" refers to the media who are responsible to know the news to the public, and the way in which it is made. Thus for example speaks of "live coverage", "lack of coverage" and "coverage by a single medium" etc.
You can also specify the geographical area which reached such information. In this sense, you can apply to the area which is reached by a service, transport, health, education, among others.
Economics is called coverage guarantees offered to support a debt, to "cover" or protect the creditor against a possible default of the debtor.

2. Definition of coverage

Coverage is called everything that goes over something, at first instance, a cover is placed on something in order to protect or fulfil some function which will be magnified inside a shelter. On this occasion, we will address the issue from a socio-financiero point of view, expanding the definition to a range of results within the framework of the economy and security as a whole.
A social security or health coverage includes all the aspects in which a company that provides insurance policies to individuals or companies. Insurance coverage may vary depending on the plan chosen; an example: La Señora Martinez works at the Central Hospital of the city for more than 20 years, for their services and as provided by law, the company for which she works must give a series of benefits which include, holidays, utilities, Christmas bonuses and social life and health, this insurance coverage insurance comprises a series of situations in which the health of the employee and his closest relatives (children, parents and husband) is compromised, to the point of intervention be required medical. As part of the functions of the insurance the insurance company respondent cover all necessary expenses in the course of the disease or medical condition, another common case is when an accident happens, in this opportunity the company should provide coverage for all damage caused to him or the employees affected by the problem.
A concept of coverage focused on the financial sector tells us that the protection of a good or goods for the party focuses on the ability to meet certain expenses, i.e., the financial coverage is the power of an institution or person respond to a series of expenses, stated or not, will depend on the situation scheduled at the moment relate to the assets to be used in this. The satellite coverage is understood as an area where satellite internet or telephone is available for computers that are in it, a signal coverage depends on the quantity of people or clients that the telecommunications company has at its disposal.