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Definition of Crisis

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1. Concept of Crisis

Back to bumping us here with a feminine noun that, etymologically speaking, derives from the latin. More specifically, it comes from crisis, which, at the same time, from the Greek κρίσις. Yes, obviously that the length of this article we will be putting the accent on the word Crisis. It is often defined differently and may refer to different types of situations. But the truth is that if we look for it in any dictionary, surely its first sense tell us that it is a difficult and serious situation that may endanger the development either the continuity of a spiritual, physical or historical process.
Of course that an individual can that it must confront various types of crisis. Perhaps one of the most common is the health crisis, which takes place when one experiences a considerable variation in the course of a disease. An example could indicate: a small heart attack led to a strike and my dad had it to admit to intensive therapy.
On the other hand, it should be noted that a crisis may not only affect an individual in a particular way. The condition can also cover a group, an institution or even a number of countries. What is meant by this is that practically no one is safe will not be affected by some kind of crisis. By case, the so-called social crisis go beyond the person and are a process of change that can seriously threaten a structure. Such variants tend to bring uncertainty since it is very difficult to determine its impact.
On the other hand, economic crises respond to moments that are characterized by a depressed situation of the evolution of an economic process in which the recession plays a big role. Precisely in this last, the strong decline in consumption and labor supply are two of the main characteristics that tend to generate, in fact, a critical stage.

Synonym of Crisis

Let us now see what are synonyms which we can turn to when we are referring to the word in question: imbalance, change, mutation; recession, depression, ruin; commitment, predicament, risk, danger and difficulty.

2 Meaning of Crisis

Referred to as crisis at that time or situation in which normal force loses its substance resulting in him and giving priority to sudden changes or difficulties.
A crisis can affect a person individually, to a group, to an institution or in a wider range to a whole country even, that is, no one is exempt from suffering ever in life by a situation, since, if the crisis not touched personally by an issue in particular, it may be that affect any area of the country in which you live, this phenomenon completed by touching it in any way.
Then, as I was saying, there are an infinite number of crisis... among the most common and which may affect the majority of human beings who inhabit this planet, the crisis of Government, economic crisis and breakdown, to name some of the most common.
A Government crisis is that period of change that the Government of a particular country will star in when any situation, such as the adoption of any measure which caused a deep repulsion in public opinion, requires the resignation of the President and therefore all his Cabinet provoking a situation of ungovernability. An example of this case may be which was moved to the Argentina back in the year 2001, when after the resignation of Vice President Carlos Alvarez, the country began to experience a lack of internal and external credibility that led to the loss of power of its President, Fernando De la Rúa and the subsequent adoption of policies that strongly mixed with the popular will. Of course this situation ended with the resignation of the President. A similar circumstance has lived in the Communist Nations of Eastern Europe, in which a reaction is generated in chain back to the dissolution of the Soviet Union which gave rise to the birth of various local democratic States.
Then they are economic crises, which are those moments that are characterized by a highly depressed situation of the evolution of an economic process in which raw material recession. In a recession, lack of labour supply and the strong fall in consumption are the two issues most observable and generating a critical scenario. As an example of this situation there to go very far in time (as in the previous case) and we have as a faithful exponent of this crisis to these days and since long time affects the economy of the United States that not only has generated an abrupt drop in credit and consumption, but also an important drop in employment, as others about situations that are generated in an economic crisis. Although the United States have begun a gradual, slow and difficult recovery process, this crisis hits even with considerable emphasis to certain members of the European Union, between those who are Greece, Portugal, Italy and, by far, Spain. These Nations suffer high rates of unemployment, severe cuts to subsidies and promotion plans, emphasized tax increases and a great discontent by its inhabitants.
And lastly are the nervous breakdowns, which are those that occur as a result of a traumatic situation that must be lived by a person, the death of a loved one, loss of employment, divorce, among others and causing a sudden and acute depression or anxiety in who suffers it, doing necessary and immediate medical attention. Some of these crises not only a manifestation intense and severe stress or inappropriate adaptation to a shocking situation, which characterizes a personality with limited resources for defense against change. However, brother-in-law these crises are multiplied in number or they tend to persist over time, the outcome may be a neurosis or, in the worst case, in true mental illnesses that impair the health and, above all, the quality of people's lives. This is especially important in relation to depression, generalized anxiety disorder and this evil of our time which is called post-traumatic stress, in which an event that sparked a crisis at a time of life precipitated months or even years after a large agglomeration of anguish and sadness of difficult treatment.

3. Definition of Crisis

It is a Greek word that means rupture, also deriving from the same origin words, critique and criterion. We can therefore say that a crisis is a fact or circumstance or set of them that produce a break, a before and an after and that can mean the destruction of being animated or inanimate affected by the crisis, or resurgence of her prior deliberation reasoned and judicious.
Times of crisis are characterized because they cause anxiety and instability. The balance has been broken, and the affected by it, can recompose or definitely fall. If crises are very profound changes, you can call revolutions. For example, the political, economic and social crisis in France in the 18th century, led to the French Revolution.
There are facts that its gravity cause crisis or qualitative breaches deep in all sectors of the life of a people, as happens with wars, compelling in the crisis that ensues to postwar to seek structural solutions.
The economy comes into crisis when resources are exhausted and can not meet the demands. It can be domestic, business or state economy.
Political crisis occurs when a State Government loses legitimacy, i.e., when their authority is not recognized by the governed.
The social crisis is when society is not linked or share positive values, plunged into needs that cannot meet, and trying to survive each one as you can, in a selfish individualism.
The crisis of adolescence is a time of profound changes affecting the young person between 12 and 18, where his body is changed, change their interests, questioning the values that are tax, and implies a separation of the child who was to become after the crisis, as a result becoming an adult.
There are other ages posed by crisis, as the crisis of the 40, where he reached the human half of his life tends to replanearse if you achieved your goals, and can in case of failing them, causing a deep it anguish.
A patient comes into crisis when it is torn between life and death. You can not reach.