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Definition of death

1 Meaning of death

perish v. intr.
1 Loss of life a person as a result of an accident, disaster or an action smash.
2. Let there be one thing or come to an end: literature will never perish.
-v. prnl.
3 perish is much want one thing: killed by travel to America.
OBS is conjugated like thank.
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Intr. Finally, let there be, die.
Fig.Suffer harm or big job.
ESP. Lacking the necessary for the maintenance of life.
prnl. Fig.Want or crave one thing forward.
Suffering with violence an affection or passion.
V. conjugation (picture) [10] as thanks.
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2. Definition of death

The verb perish refers to the end of something. It may be the end of existence, the life or another issue. For example: "Before perishing, the poet called their daughters and gave them various belongings that wanted them atesoraran," "we have to avoid that the aged tree dies: to perish, we will lose a part of our history", "we must not let perish food, now that if one eats them when they are defeated, they can cause damage".
Often perish is used as a synonym of death or dying. A person who dies, therefore, is the one who lost his life for any reason: "the driver perished in the Act for injuries sustained on impact against the wall" is an expression that is equivalent to others as "the driver died at the scene for injuries sustained on impact against the wall" or "conductor died in the Act for injuries sustained on impact against the wall".
Companies, organizations and other entities also may perish, in the sense of cease to exist: "company, to perish, let fifty people in the street, unemployed", "rock group perished when their singer decided to start a solo career".
Food, for its part, perish when they decompose or rot, which makes that they are no longer edible. Most of these products include a date of perishing or expiry indicating that, after that day, it is recommended not to eat the food in question. Foods that, by its nature, does not spoil, are qualified as non-perishable.